How cats can improve mental health, part 1. Housekeeping

So far, this week hasn’t been my best. My mental condition varies quite often; there are good and bad days. It’s really nice to see that the good days become more and more frequent, but the last days have been the opposite. I was eager about this blog and social media, but didn’t manage to do anything else. I hardly slept, I didn’t eat healthy and I was staring most of the time. Ok, compared to last year, it’s great that I’m eager about something. There were times when I didn’t care for anything at all.

Generally speaking, two aspects are crucial for my mental health.

  • keeping my home reasonably clean and tidy
  • having a very regular day-and-night rhythm

Problem is: when things are going well, I’m more likely to be able to do the household and go to bed before 10 pm. This in turn supports my mental health. When I’m having a bad day, I’ve severe difficulties to clean, eat and sleep. Because my house is untidy, and I’m both tired and hungry, I’ll feel even worse. It’s a vicious circle.

I’d imagine that cats don’t help me to get to bed at a decent time as many cats seem to be nocturnal. However, I’ve heard that cats may wake you early in the morning. That again would mean I’m tired in the evenings. It’d be really great if my cats supported my schedule, but I’m not too optimistic about that. I do, however, count on their ‘help’ regarding tidiness.

Now this is embarrassing, but I wanted to be authentic on this blog. That’s how my kitchen looks like today:

cats and messI really hate this mess. I love it when my home is a tidy and clean place; declutter is actually one of my most favorite words. When I’m feeling down I’m often incapable to keep my place tidy. The mess always starts with the small things, grows slowly and eventually explodes at some point.

I’m pretty sure cats could prevent my home from those ‘explosions’.

  • I want them to be safe. My friends told me that cats like to play with plastic (and even chew on it!). Urgs. No, no, no.
  • I want them to be healthy. I’m pretty sure some of my food is toxic to cats.
  • I don’t want cat hair all over my food.

What are your experiences? Have you become better at cleaning because of your cats?