Self Made Cat Ladder

Huhu. The year is going to its end and we totally forgot to show you all the peaks of our “new” place!

Mom’s very proud of her carpenter skills, so we allowed her to boast about some of her works. First off is the former pink hell. She bought on Ebay a massive pink ladder for 5€ (5$) . It was probably that cheap because pink is not a very popular color when it comes to ladders, hehe.


She removed every second step. She then joined two steps to an angle to give us something to sit on.



She got finally use of stuff she had bought about a year ago: a rope ladder with wooden round steps and a long blue rope. Mom twisted the blue rope around the wooden slippery steps to give us a better grip, and nailed the rope ladder to the pink-hell ladder.


White paint beat the pink hell and some extra rope eases our climbing work. She also secured the ladder with some screws to the cupboard.


You may wonder why we need the pink hell white ladder as we already have a climbing tree next to the cupboard. Well, Kajsa is the boss at our place, and Tessa isn’t always allowed to climb over Kajsa to get on top of the cupboard. Now we have two accesses to the top of the climbing tree and cupboard. In fact, Mom always tries to give Tessa an emergency exit because she’s afraid that Tessa gets stuck somewhere.


Oh yes, Mom’s very proud of herself, and we’ve to admit that she did a good job. It’s fun climbing on the ladder and Tessa is often using the other exit. Mom’s also happy that the ladder melts into the interior. Good for her – we don’t care so much whether the ladder is pink or white.


Well, there’s one thing Mom doesn’t like about the ladder – it gives us access to the shelving, hehe. It’s so much fun to tilt books!