Granny’s sneaky secret plan

You think you’re looking at a peaceful setting: a cat with an impressive belly, a cozy armchair, a proper home… ?

Think again – we’re actually in the middle of a domestic quarrel! You see, Mom wanted to prevent me and Kajsa from scratching the armchair, but Granny said that we’re allowed to scratch it! So I was just innocently enjoying my chair when Grandpa came to the living room. He saw me scratching, chased me away, and asked Mom why she didn’t even try to stop me.

Turns out that Granny hates this armchair, but Grandpa loves the chair although he never sits in it. In fact, it’s only Kajsa and me who are using the armchair, but Grandpa still insists on keeping it. Sneaky-Granny saw her chance when Kajsa and I visited their place for the first time – if we destroyed the chair, she’d finally get rid of it.