V as in Vulnerable. We’re getting to know each other

cat wakes me upSo who was at 7 am alive and in a good mood? All of us! Ok, you knew that they wouldn’t die tonight, but it’s a miracle that I was in a good mood at this time of the day. Kajsa is the best alarm I’ve ever had. Ok, sorry Mom, you were great as well, but you weren’t so cozy! She was again waking me up at 6.55 (she really has a great sense of time!), and she was so gentle! She carefully touched my face with her nose and paws, and started to pet me. She became so happy when I opened my eyes, and we cuddled for some time. This is really great – keeping my day rhythm is crucial to my mental health, and they’re really helping me to get up!

cats playing with toilet paperBoth let me sleep tonight. I don’t know what they were doing, but I found some evidence that they were taking advantage of my abscence. The earring was yesterday on the second floor, and you can probably guess where this paper roll belongs. In their defense: it was already empty yesterday; they didn’t touch the new one.

Indeed, I was in a very good mood when I found poop in the litter tray! They also peed a lot. Hallelujah. Who would have thought that I’m really glad that I can clean their litter box? Tessa didn’t eat today though; she only wants dry food. I was at the shelter to ask for advice. I also wanted to learn more about their former eating behavior. The staff was awesome, and we chatted for about 30 minutes. They gave me some of their food and suggested that I should give them low-quality wet food during their first week. Over time, I will slowly upgrade their food, but for now, I shall give them what they were used to eat. They agreed that I shouldn’t let Tessa get her will: eating solely dry food isn’t an option.

I’ve just given them the shelter’s wet food, and Tessa was eating! Not as much as I thought (she must be very hungry!), but she was happy. She was even jumping on the kitchen counter when I opened the package! I’m relieved. This story isn’t over yet, and I will try to convince them to eat high-quality food. However, I agree that it’s not the best time to start a battle. I thought it was easier to start right away, so that they don’t even expect to find low-quality food here. Well, we all make our mistakes, don’t we? You were right – point 4 of my Beginner’s Guide To High-Quality Cat Food is the most challenging. Thank you for all your support yesterday! I felt so despaired of my responsibility that I freaked out. It was such a relief to read your comments, because I didn’t feel so lonely anymore.

So what have we been doing today? I was watching TV most of the time, because I was so tired. I’m sorry, I don’t have so many pictures today. We had some really cute moments, but I didn’t want to destroy them by taking pictures. Kajsa was sitting a lot on my chest and comforted me. I didn’t feel too good today, and she immediately noticed that something was wrong. I knew that cats can see when their humans don’t feel good, but we’ve been only living together for 2 days!! She knew when I started to feel bad and went away when I was doing better.

Kajsa and Tessa were relaxing and sleeping during the afternoon. They were both laying in a small carrier and groomed each other. I tried to be as silent as possible when I went to the first floor, and I certainly didn’t want to disturb them with my camera. But you can probably imagine how sweet they were!

Tessa and I were playing with a box
cat in a boxKajsa found a new spot to hang out and Tessa discovered the lower shelf with the curtain. Ok, let’s agree upon that she didn’t really get the idea that nobody can see her in this shelf. cats in really weird places