Funny cat games, anyone?

I need a break from all those cat considerations. Feels like I’m doing a scientific research on What to think about before getting cats. Maybe that’s what my shrink meant by saying that I spend too much time and energy on things? Well, she can be happy that I spend time and a lot of money on my therapy.

Maybe I should focus on why I wasn’t into cats earlier. Many years ago, my friend Ashley and her boyfriend got a kitten, Jeanny. To be honest, I didn’t like Jeanny. She was as crazy as kittens can be. I was actually a bit afraid of her, because she hurt me with her claws and tried to bite me. I know, she just wanted to play and felt probably very lonely, but I wasn’t into cat psychology back then.

pfoetchen.wg.2The sofa was in the middle of the living room and I was sleeping on a mattress next to the wall. The living room didn’t have a door. The door to the sleeping room was closed and poor Jeanny banned from her owners. I first wondered why, but luckily, some mysteries are solved before you die. Jeanny was a young energetic kitten and I learned a very important cat lesson: cats love to be active at night.

I tried to remember what Ashley’s first cat had taught me, green eyes aren’t necessarily the end of the world, and fell asleep. Well. I didn’t wake up to a starring cat, it got worse. Jeanny came up with a funny game that night: to jump from the back rest of the sofa onto my mattress. Whilst I tried to figure out what was happening, Jeanny had already developed the rules by jumping on my stomach. Now, that was a really funny game and I was all in! So not. Surprisingly, this didn’t really help to improve my relationship to Jeanny.

This happened more than 10 years ago. In the meantime, Ashley got a second cat, a bigger flat and Jeanny is no kitten anymore. From my point of view, the biggest improvement was their guest room – it had a door and I got finally a good night’s sleep at Ashley’s place.

I know. Jeanny just wanted to play.

pfoetchenwg7… but it turned out  like this: pfoetchen.wg.6

Wow, it really helped to remember why I wasn’t into cats earlier. Now I don’t want to have cats anymore, I NEED cats – right away!

All pictures are provided by Pfoetchen.Wg. Visit his Facebook page to see more photos of his 9 feline friends. Disclaimer: Pfoetchen.Wg and I aren’t affiliates, neither of us receives a commission for this. I just love his pictures and I’m thankful that I may use them on my blog.