We’re survivors – our first visitors

cat with long tongueBooooring! No wonder Tessa is yawning, I haven’t blogged for ages!

Although our last week wasn’t boring at all: two very close friends of mine stayed with us for some days. Guess how nervous I was! Especially Kajsa was very shy at the shelter, and would always hide when people had a look at their cage. I needed 3 days until she left her hiding spot, so I was sure we wouldn’t see her so much.

Well, they proved me wrong. Both were social and seemed to enjoy the extra attention. 3 pairs of hands to boss around!

I was so happy and finally invited my little neighbor over. She’s 9 years old, and she’s been asking me about them ever since I told her that I’ve adopted cats. She’s now coming every day and plays with them – they love her! I’ve to admit that I like my new cat sitter as well. It’s fun playing with Kajsa and Tessa for some time, but I get bored after 10 minutes. I try to make it up by playing many times for 10 minutes, but my neighbor-from-heaven could play the whole day if I let her.

I guess they’re ok with visitors, because they feel secure here. It’s so great to see that they aren’t that scared and shy anymore! My neighbor isn’t allowed to be in my bedroom, because I wanted to give Kajsa and Tessa a safe and quiet room. However, they don’t seem to need my bedroom, because they stay in the kitchen when she’s here. Kajsa was even falling asleep whilst my neighbor was playing with Tessa!

I needed some days off, but we’re back now! Thank you, Silke, for asking us how we’re doing. I’m very tired, and the cats need a lot of time, medication and attention.