Our flight with Finnair

This is NOT a sponsored post.

finnair kissaOnly the best for my girls – I called a cab (we think a limousine would have been more appropriate /Kajsa) to be faster at the airport. They were meowing their way to the airport, but were silent when we arrived. Finnair’s ground staff was very friendly; they admired the Queens, and took me through the procedure.

A security guy checked their carriers at the bulky luggage counter (BAH! We are Queens, not bulky luggage!). It was really helpful that I had taken their leashes with me; otherwise, it would have been very difficult to hold them. Nevertheless, Kajsa hurt me and whipped the leash out of my hand (hehe, humans are not smarter than cats), but I caught her right away (Embarrassing. No comment.) Hallelujah.

The big moment was finally there: I had to leave them. I was hysterical and started crying. Oops. The staff comforted me, and told me again that they’re taking good care of my babies. I was so thankful for their kind words. I mean, they’re shipping pets every day, but they took their time and were patient with me.

I had difficulties to trust them anyways. When I was boarding , I asked the staff at the gate to make sure that my cats were onboard. I felt a bit stupid for bothering them, but they were very friendly and made some calls. I also told one of the stewardesses that I’ve two cats in the hold, and on which seat I’m sitting. She smiled and said that she had already seen the cats; they were both onboard and ok. And sooo sweet. (Nasty woman. She should have told Mamma that we’re feeling VERY bad!!) I really appreciated her words, but the best is still to come: when she served coffee, she told me that she had just looked after them; both cats were ok. Isn’t this wonderful? I wanted to hug her, but I somehow managed to control myself. It’s great that you can’t use your cell on a flight – I couldn’t call my lawyer to revise my will. (Eh, what will, lawyer and money, Mamma?)

I waited for them at the bulky luggage counter. A man was carrying them very carefully, and he smiled when he gave me my girls. Custom declaration was easy – since we were only travelling within the European Union, I could go through the green line, so we didn’t have any unnecessary waiting time there.

Bottom line

Everything went smoothly, and Finnair was taking good care of my cats. Ok, the guy at our destination airport wasn’t employed by Finnair, but all the others were. I was so thankful for their great service. I can highly recommend traveling with Finnair with your pets.

As I said above – this is no sponsored post. Finnair doesn’t even know that I’m writing a review, but they really deserved this promotion and feedback. (Stupid Finnair! Why did they look after us?? Mamma would never take us again on a flight if Finnair had failed at this one. Tessa and I do strongly disagree with this post!)