Find The Cat

Dear feline friends,

I know we were thrilled about our new servant K., but she became an intruder after a while. Can you believe that she’s still staying at OUR place??! Mom says that Australia is far far away (we really hope so!), and that nobody would go for a short trip from Australia to Europe. Bah. Of course people do. But apparently not K. Suck.

Just look at this: the good bed times are gone, I’ve hardly any space!



– Mom didn’t blog. She neither read your blogs!
– She closes the door when she goes to the bathroom!
– We don’t get her full attention!
– They put K’s suitcase in the cellar because it took too much space!

Only good news: K.’s now “working from home” (home?!?) so Mom has more time for blogging now. Which is only fair because we’ve lot’s of horror stories to tell about our ordeal.


kajsa nov2015