Feigned innocence

So Tessa thinks she’s a very smart cat, but I’m not only more beautiful, but also the master brain in this house. Tessa is far more playful, and it’s normally her who’s playing pranks. However, I often manage to fool Mom and make her blame Tessa for my mischief.

Mom heard a metallic sound in the bathroom and knew immediately that Tessa was playing with one of her favorite toys, the shower drain cover. I’m just walking casually in the bathroom, but Tessa is hiding and very interested in the drain strainer. Mom assumes that she’s hiding for her next attack.

ich wars nicht katze

Bad luck that Mom accidentally took a picture on her way to the bathroom. This photo shows the crime scene 3 seconds earlier… Tessa isn’t in the bathroom at all! And Mom got hard proof and can identify the perpetrator on this piece of evidence. Humph.

katze spielt mit abflusssieb

It was only because she was going trough her pictures that she saw what really happened. Bah. Surveillance state??


kajsa nov2015