N as in Nobody Home. Do you have an emergency back-up plan for your cats?

Huh huh. Do you remember that I felt bad on Tuesday? It actually started already on Monday. I had some stomach ache, but I didn’t pay too much attention. I was sure my symptoms were psychosomatic, even though I felt really bad on Tuesday. As my pain got worse, I called the health center on Wednesday morning. The nurse told me to see a doctor immediately.

My local health center took some tests and was worried. They transferred me to hospital, because my blood samples were really bad. My journey continued; nobody knew what was causing my high level of inflammation, but all doctors were very concerned, and sent me with ambulances to other cat emergencyhospitals. I was so done; I had been waiting for about 14 hours, and I was in so much pain. I was also very hungry, but couldn’t eat anything, because the doctors expected that I needed an emergency surgery.

Valdo-Voldemort’s mom Rachel had been at my place to get me some stuff, and tried to catch me before I was transferred to the next hospital. When she arrived, the doctors had finally found out what was causing the high level of inflammation. I neither needed an emergency surgery nor staying at hospital overnight, but a lot of medicine. So Rachel drove me to a pharmacy and convinced me to sleep at her place, in case something happened during night.

Mamma mia, what a day! I’ve now slept for 14 hours, and the medicine and pain killers are starting to work. I’m grateful that I was taken good care of, and that I’ve such an amazing friend. However, it was a really exhausting day: I was so hungry, tired and had so much pain.

When I woke up this morning, everybody had left to school and work. Except Valdo. He looked like he was happy to see me, but I know that he was only waiting to discover this very interesting bag of mine. No, I really don’t work for IKEA, but Rachel used a big bag to pack my hospital stuff. I didn’t catch Valdo in the act, but I count black short hair as hard evidence.

why cats are crazy about bagscat tries to get foodBut I’m probably doing him wrong. Of course he was really happy to see me – just have a look how he greeted me when I made breakfast!

Now, this was only one day, but it’s an important reminder to make sure you’ve a back-up plan for your cats – I could have stayed in hospital for a longer time. This is especially true if you’re living alone. However, I’d also suggest an emergency plan for families. And yes, of course: there’re other parts to this story, but this is a cat blog. Whilst I was waiting in the emergency room, I was so relieved that my cats are still at the shelter. A great peace of mind that I didn’t need to worry about them.

I’m home now, and I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I’m just about going to the shelter, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Kajsa and Tessa today. Please bear with me – I haven’t had time to react to all your comments yet, but they really brightend me up when I was reading them at the emergency room. Thank you!