In the doghouse

Dear feline friends,

we couldn’t believe our noses when Mamma got home from her stupid trip. We sniffed a lot when we greeted her. (Oops. We lied on our last post. We both got excited when Mamma came finally home. We were too ashamed to admit that we didn’t ignore her) We didn’t like what we smelled though: DOGS!! We had a look at her camera today and we are still in shock.

husky und strassenhund

…. and have a look at this stupid dog! He’s playing it way too easy with Mamma! Bah. Disgusting.

hund besser als eine katze

verrückter hund

… and it gets even worse. She was also snuggling with other cats!! We’ve some hard evidence, but we’ll post the cat pictures tomorrow. We need a break for now. This is too much for us.