Furious Freaky Friday – Mamma is angry

smeg fridge and catsOh oh. I’ll better stay on the fridge today, because Mamma is very angry.

This is not fair – we were only playing with granny’s wonderful scratching surface. I mean, what other purpose could paper on walls possibly have? Turned out that humans call this wallpaper, but we still don’t know why Mamma is furious. After all, it’s not hers either, and grandpa’s having a blast. ­

Mamma: I know, I warned you. I didn’t like that you got this expensive wallpaper only a week before we arrived. But still. Why couldn’t they destroy the cheap wallpaper??
Grandpa: My dear child, we’re talking about cats! Cats are divine and very picky. They’d never go for the cheap stuff.
Mamma (laughing): Well, at least they haven’t destroyed your new expensive sofa.
Grandpa: Yet. They still have time.

Dear feline friends – don’t you agree that Mamma’s just hysterical? We were only doing what we were supposed to do! Now …. what’s that sofa talk about?? We didn’t know it was expensive…