In loving memory of Granny’s Christmas ornament

So today is the day we finally get to blog about Christmas!

It was yet far more difficult to wait for our Christmas toys – we were so envious of you American cats, because you’ve been blogging about trees and Christmas decoration for a long time! We were first afraid that our family doesn’t decorate AT ALL. Mom said that most people start decorating on the first Sunday of Advent. However, most Germans don’t decorate their Christmas trees until the 23rd or 24th of December!

So YES, on the evening of the 23rd a box full of Christmas decoration showed up!

cat is decorating for christmas

Of course Tessa had to inspect everything.

cat in christmas box

We were at first a bit disappointed, because Granny didn’t get a tree this year, but we really liked her Christmas ornaments. We shared her enthusiasm for a very beautiful and thin glass ornament, but Not-Me destroyed it some nights later!!! Can you believe that Mom was upset and blamed us?!? Granny said that this wasn’t our fault, but Mom was still angry. We mean … isn’t Granny always right?

tessa und kajsa nov2015