The story behind the picture

cant take cute pics of my catsHehe. I’m a bit surprised that nobody guessed what they were really doing on this picture.

About 0,0001 seconds earlier, both were watching out the window – Kajsa was sitting on the sill ! A very rare moment – normally they’re only close to each other while hissing. Sigh.

I loved that they were doing something together, and I was foolish enough to fantasize about a cozy picture.Well. They always stop doing something cute the very moment you get your camera, don’t they? I mean, they’ve a reputation to keep.

I’ve been too tired for blogging. I’m trying to return to my old life, a life before mental illness. I’m only working for a few hours a day, but I’m so exhausted afterwards. It’s a pity because I’ve so much material to share, and I’ll try to pre-write some posts during the weekend. And yes, I know: I try to not stress about my blog. It’s just that I’ve so much fun in the cat blogosphere!