About Hippie And Conservative Cats

Feline Friends, do you sometimes feel that you don’t get the privacy you need?

I was resting on my favorite chair in granny’s flat when those stupid humans got excited. Granny and Mom had talked about our sleeping habits earlier: whilst Tessa sleeps in all possible and impossible positions, I prefer to be… eh… more “conservative“. Hippie Tessa may shamelessly flash her belly, but I want to keep control.

cat laying on her back

Apart from this one weak moment. Granny – what a traitor!!! – called Mom and took pictures!! Bah.

cat perfect body shape

It took Mom 2 months to discover that I’ve a brown belt on my white tummy (you can see it on the first picture). She was so happy to show it to granny. Eh?? They ARE really hopeless, those humans.

kajsa nov2015