I just adopted cats. Help! What have I done?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m sorry, I just had to scream. I can’t really believe what happened today. I adopted two cats!! I was at the local animal shelter today. Believe me – I was so nervous, I had difficulties breathing! I tried to calm down and developed some strategies:

  • Have a look around and read the descriptions
  • Search for 2 adult cats
  • Male adult cats. (I don’t know why – I’d heard that tomcats are more likely to cuddle)
  • Let the cats choose me. If they like me, I’ll adopt them.

animal shelter catsI found two cats I was interested in. The staff opened the door, and I was in their cage for about 45 minutes. I moved very slowly and talked in a calm voice.

After a while, I went a bit closer to the darker cat. He seemed to be interested and started head bunting, first slowly and then intensively. After a while, he did not only head bunt my hands, but also my face! He nuzzled and eventually gave me some nose kisses. The other cat was hiding in a box. When I sat down and talked to him, he came closer. He was also head bunting, but was overall more reserved.

I don’t know a lot about cats, but I felt that they were accepting me. I made a fast decision – Ok, I’ll take them. I talked with the staff for a long time; they were asking me a lot of questions and told me the story behind these cats: they were found in the beginning of February. Nobody knows what has happened to them. They’re healthy, spayed and in general good condition. However, they got ear mites. The shelter won’t give me the cats before the ear mites are treated, probably by April 21st. I suggested that I could treat their ears, but the shelter’s general policy requires that all cats are as healthy as possible. She continued: “Those are two wonderful cats. They’re a bit shy, but if you give them some time, they’ll be wonderful friends. I really think these girls would like the home you described.” Wait a moment – girls??? I somehow missed that, even though it was clearly labeled on their cage. Ok. Whatever.

I went back to their cage and spend an extra hour with them. The darker cat let me cuddle her and started purring! Apparently, the other cat didn’t like what she was seeing. She hissed and hit her, but the darker cat didn’t seem to care. The white-brown cat decided to ignore us; she turned her back on us and stared the other way.

Huh. Now I’m home and I’m very happy. But I’ve to admit that I’m also scared. Really scared. And doubting. Was I too fast? After all, they were the first cats I looked at. Should I’ve waited? Didn’t I want boys? Do I really like their colors? (Ahem. I NEVER had an opinion on coats???) What have I done?? I really hope it’s normal to feel that way. I’ve to admit that I’m embarrassed about my feelings. Shouldn’t I just be happy? Shouldn’t it just feel “right”? On the other hand – it felt right when I made my choice. It felt natural and I wasn’t questioning myself. I justanimal shelter went with my gut. Besides, I’m not sure if you really can make a rational choice. What’s the benefit of getting to know other cats? It’d be probably impossible to decide. Whilst being in the cage, I saw other people passing by and having a look. I was so afraid that someone else would take my cats. So I guess I did the right decision?

It feels awkward that they’ve to stay in this cage for another month! However, I understand and respect the reasons. I’ll visit them every day. I’ll also take some blankets and pillows, so they can get used to my scent. It’ll be a great chance getting to know each other and making the transition as smooth as possible. And I’ll have plenty of time catifying my home.

But OH MY! What a day! Did I really adopt two cats today? Did I?

P.S.: I needed ages to post this, I just couldn’t stop looking at the pictures. Aren’t they just perfect? ❤❤