Demand For Equality

Do you remember that Granny and Mom had a weird competition about whose side of the double bed I prefer? They believe that I nap on the bed of my favorite person, and both try to attract me with various tricks.

Turned out, however, that they don’t always want my attention. Neither of them appreciates for example my 5 am visits. Granny even grumbled “Take care of your scheiss cat”, and tried to pass me over. Bah. Nevertheless, I made sure that both were part of my epic furball. I had already yakked the main part on Mom’s duvet when I remembered poor Granny – I didn’t want her to feel overlooked, so I placed the aftermath on her blanket.

Feline friends, I don’t want to spoil the ending. What do you think? Did Mom and Granny appreciate my endeavor to meet their demand for equality?