The Return of the Queens

Feline friends, I hope you’ll never have to deal with this most annoying human hobby: major construction work as humans will make a LOT of noise and deny cats fundamental rights. We weren’t allowed to go upstairs, and were stuck with Mom in one room for over a month!

Humans have also a funny way of prioritizing. The noise eventually stopped, and the second floor was ours again – but it took another 6 weeks until we got windows! What did they think? Can we cats live without windows? I took a picture to document our torment.

Construction work with Cats

We’ve to admit that we’ve much more space after the construction work. Mom is very happy that all rooms are warm now. We’ve never lived here in winter, but this house was apparently impossible to heat. And the Finnish winter can be very long and cold, even in Southern Finland. Eek. So it was probably good that everything got fixed, but we’re so happy that it’s over now!

There’s just one thing left – how can we make our landlord build a sky lounge?

kajsa nov2015
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