Catstruction means destruction

cat steals treats The construction work has its perks even though the noise is really annoying.

The whole upper floor is out of use, and Mamma’s short of space for all her stuff. She thought it’d be a good idea to put our transportation boxes above each other. I totally agree, because I could easily take our treats (4th shelf on the right side).

cat tries to steal treats However, I was stupid enough to do this whilst Mamma was home. Now I can only reach to her stinky coffee shelf (or that’s at least what she thinks).

Mamma is really cheap – I call it taking, she calls it stealing. I’ve never seen her eating our treats, so why on earth am I stealing something she doesn’t even use? And wasn’t she only the other day complaining that she’s got too much stuff? Why can’t she see that I was just trying to help her?

Besides, wasn’t she supposed to sleep at night? How can she wake up by some tiny cans falling down??

cats and construction workShe really has this strange habit of sleeping at night whilst we prefer to have a closer look at all those piles.

Oops. What happened now? I mean, we were just climbing a bit? And why is Mamma awake again?