Confessions of an arrogant newbie. A reflection on the A2Z challenge

First of all – I made it through, and there are 1516 of us! Congratulations to all of you! I also want to thank the hosts of the A to Z challenge – you really made a great job! I was participant number 1464 on day 1 and 1183 on the last day. I can imagine that it was a lot of work to follow up on all the participants, and to leave comments on their blogs!

2015 A to Z Survivor Badge

I joined the challenge spontaneously: I heard about the A2Z challenge on 15andMeowing on March 30th and decided to participate. I didn’t give it a second thought – after all, I normally update my blog every day: what’s the big deal, just come up with a good title for the letter of the day?

Isn’t it sweet how naïve you can be? There were days when I wanted to drop out. I also have to admit that I was annoyed. My blog is my hobby and shouldn’t become an obligation. On the other hand – don’t join a challenge when you don’t want to be challenged. Why I continued the challenge? There was this great community feeling, bloggers were pepping each other, and it was so much fun! Besides, I’m quite bad at giving up / I’m good at continuing what I started (hello, shrink?)

I was surprised when I read on Google+ that some bloggers are already preparing for the next A2Z challenge. I confess that I thought this was nerdy, but I reconsidered. If I participate next year, I’ll also prepare in advance. I so wished that I had prewritten my posts, and here’s why: what I really love about the challenge is its diversity. I normally read cat blogs, but I discovered so many new blogs, niches and way of lives. This is exactly why blogs are a great social medium – they open microcosmic worlds I would have never met in ‘real life’. I didn’t manage to read as many blogs as I wanted, because I was busy writing my own posts. I still read 5 other A2Z blogs on most of the days, but I would have enjoyed the challenge much more if I had been prepared.

April 2015 was a very special time in my life, because I adopted two cats in the end of March. Due to their medical condition, they had to stay at the shelter for several weeks. I visited them every day, and I could finally take them home on April 23rd. My A to Z posts are really special to me, because I blogged about the adoption process and our first week at home. Ok, given the circumstances, I couldn’t have possibly prewritten any posts: there was so much happening! It’s fun reading the headlines of my posts – they really reflect my journey!

A as in Artwork: drawing a header for my blog!
B as in Bedroom – a murder scene
C as in Catified computers. How cats can solve your IT problems
D as in Done! How cats can improve your mental health
E as in Escape. A Midsummer Nightmare
F as in Food. A Beginner’s Guide To High Quality Cat Food
G as in Good Books. “A truly good book teaches me better than to read it”
H as in Halfway. The long wait for my rescue cats
I as in Impossible and I’m possible
J as in Jail. Building window screens for my cats
K as in Kajsa. Love at second sight
L as in Limit. A long way to go
M as in Mysterious Moments / Mordless Mednesday
N as in Nobody Home. Do you have an emergency back-up plan for your cats?
O as in Overwhelmed. Exciting times
P as in Poison Plants. Getting rid of my Aloe Vera plants
Q as in Questions. Why do I never feel prepared?
R as in Ready. The last preparations for my rescue cats
S as in Shelter. Our time at the animal shelter
T as in Today. My cats came home!
U as in United. Our first 24 hours together
V as in Vulnerable. We’re getting to know each other
W as in Whisper. Precious moments
X as in X-Files. A mysterious day
Y as in You-Tube. Being the clown in your cats’ show
Z as in Zero experiences. Being a hysterical newbie