Climbing like a squirrel

Feline friends!

I was climbing my favorite tree, looking forward to some poultry, but those stupid birdies hopped to the next tree as soon as I got up. Bah. I decided to take a short cut: to climb from one tree crown to another. I know that squirrels can do that, so why shouldn’t I?


Look, Mom, that’s why we have tails – we can balance our bodies.

Can’t understand why Mom stopped admiring me. Can you believe that she started playing with her phone? She said she was very afraid, but that she would only make things worse if she started shouting. Silly human. I’m a very talented climber, I can climb like a squirrel, look!!! Oops. Help.

Well, ok, I better get down. I know that Mom has treats in her pockets and she looks like she’d really love to give me some as long as I come down, hehe.