Concealing Cleaning

surprised catSo now when the construction work is finally over, Mom’s making a lot of noise. Of course this doesn’t make any sense.

However, we were thrilled when Mom started a new game. Ok, she called it cleaning, but we understand that she has sometimes cleaning your house with catslinguistic problems, so we knew she actually meant playing.

The three of us had a really great time. Mom picked up things and we threw them on the floor. Tessa got also excited about a bucket with water. It’s weird though: Mom puts water on the floor herself, but she got angry when Tessa tried to empty the bucket.

And then she threw us out of the kitchen and locked the door! What?!? This is so unfair! Mom has two brothers and one sister, so you’d expect that she’s familiar to the concept of sharing toys, but she doesn’t want to share with us! Bah!

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and early autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

tessa und kajsa nov2015