About flying angels and a climbing Santa

We are young and innocent cats, and we’re still learning about this Christmas thing. We were thrilled when we heard rumors about this climbing Santa dude and flying angels – who would have thought that these guys were so much fun??

myths about christmas

Oops. This angel can’t fly?

katze schmeisst weihnachtsengel um

Oh. Santa can’t climb?

katzen lassen weihnachtsdeko nicht in ruhe

Very weird. This angel can’t fly EITHER?

katze und weihnachtsdeko

Good morning, Mom, great that you’re awake, we wanted to ask why …. WHAT are you grumbling? … Yes, we played with the angels and Santa, but …. WHAT??????

Feline friends – can you believe she got angry that we tilted Granny’s Christmas ornaments again ? We mean – WHO said that they can fly and climb?? He???

tessa und kajsa nov2015