Wrap Around The Clock Tonight

Feline friends! It’s not always easy to be the dominant species of the world. Do you also feel sorry for your humans when you see them struggling? They may have thumbs, but their body is otherwise underdeveloped.

Our stupid human fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle. Sigh. It’s hard to believe that her body is so inflexible, and that her ankle can’t handle an ever so small fall. However, it’s not her fault that she didn’t get a perfect feline body. And to be fair, she’s helping us out with our thumb problem: she opens cans for us every day.

So we decided to forgive her for using our pillows to elevate her foot. We were also busy nursing her, one of us sat on her chest whilst the other observed her foot from the kitchen countertop (note Tessa in the background!).

sprained ankle and cats

It’s strange though, she didn’t appreciate our help when she changed bandages. Ok, maybe we got a bit too excited about this loooong cord, but we really just wanted to check if she had wrapped her ankle correctly! Bah. Ever heart of gratitude??

tessa und kajsa nov2015