Tessa is on Ebay

Tessa is a multifaceted cat – she knows how to braid my hair, and now she’s even selling on Ebay! It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? I could complain that she’s destroying my pictures, and that she’s ruining the washed and ironed clothes I want to sell. But I’m a great and loving Mom; I know that grumbling doesn’t stop her appreciate her help.

The Mom of 13 cats, Karin Parker, tried to prepare me:

Now all these tasks will be added ‘fun’ with cats! And everything looks better with cat fur on it too, of course.

cat sells on ebay

Tessa couldn’t agree more. I threatened that I’ll close the parcel and send her to some evil people, but she was just giving me her most arrogant expression.

cat in a parcel

After all – how dare I to use a box for something strange and random like a parcel? All boxes belong to cats, it’s written in the law! What did I say? It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?