The Door of Mercy

cats and closed doors

We were thrilled when we read the latest number of The Tower Times. We so agree with Kitty Cat Chronicles and NUCAT (National Unit of Cats):

….doors should become extinct. No more doors!!! We should be able to enter any room or closet we desire at any time.

cats have different personalitiesYou know, there was this one room in granny’s flat – its door was always closed. I don’t know how many hours we’ve been sitting in front of this door, waiting, begging for mercy. And then, on our last evening, the magic happened.

Grandpa: I’ve a special plan for tonight. I’ll open the door for those poor cats.  It’s their last evening here,  and I think they’ve deserved a very special treat.

Isn’t he wonderful? Mamma laughed and said he’s childish, but we think he’s the best grandpa ever! And yes, it was also him who defended us when we destroyed this expensive wallpaper! So why again can’t he live with us in Finland?

You can tell from Tessa’s tail how exited she was when she entered the room. Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I’m also curious, but I’m keeping my strategy: Curiosity killed the long-haired cat. So let’s see what happens to Tessa first…