Cats and toxic plants

Pfoetchen wg 8Ok, great. I wanted to check whether my plants are cat-proof and I got wonderful results. I’ve four plant species. 1 is toxic to cats. I’ve no idea what plants the remaining 3 are.  It’d be easiest to give all plants away and buy new ones – but easiest is not always easiest.

I wouldn’t mind if we were talking about textiles or any other material. But plants? I do have a very complex and personal relationship to my plants. I never buy plants, but ask my closest friends and family to give me cuttings of their plants. I think it’s a great way of having a part of important persons in my home. Ok, I admit, this sounds freakish. Wonder what my shrink would say about my emotional plants. But let’s face it – I suck at plants, and that’s why I only have four: they normally don’t survive their first 6 months at my place.

7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal 6I first thought about putting my plants out of the cats’ reach, but who am I fooling. This may work for toddlers, but not for cats. The Creative Cat’s wise words made me change my mind:

Don’t try to put them in an out-of-the-way or high place in your house! Cats can jump several feet straight up and are agile climbers, especially when they have the incentive of that vase of flowers on top of your entertainment center where they’ve never gone before.

Don’t rely on their non-existent common sense, just remove the plant

So what to do? Seems like I’ve to get rid of those 4 wonderful plants:

  • My stepchild plant: My brother had a plant my mother really liked. They gave her the same plant for her birthday, and she assumed they’d been striking the plant themselves. When I wanted to get a cutting, my Mom called my brother and found out that they’d bought the plant. My sister-in-law then bought the same plant to me, but she wasn’t lucky this time either: it turned out she’d bought a different plant after all.
  • One unknown ‘green thing’ (don’t even know if it’s a tree or a shrub). We had a weekend house when I was small, and I really loved that place. My parents recently sold this house. When I was there for the very last time, I took farewell. I found a very small plant next to the house and kept it as a memory.
  • One flower I got from the mother of my godchild. I could live without that particular plant though.
  • 2 Aloe Vera plants. Unfortunately toxic to cats. Hmpf. I really love my Aloe Vera plants. My father was driving around town to get me a real Aloe Vera plant. I really loved him for doing this, and it was a great surprise. I often use them when mixing my own cosmetics.

7 zwerge aus dem neckertal 5Sigh. I’ll love my cats more than my plants, so there’s no way around it. I’m however tempted to postpone this problem. It’s almost spring and as soon as it gets a bit warmer, I’ll put my plants outside. In the meantime, I’ll have them in a separate room or at my neighbor’s place. I wished I was more radical, because autumn will come eventually.

I’ll ask my friends and family to give me safe plants. I’ll need new plants and new memories. This could work for the Aloe Vera, the stepchild and the flower of my godchild. I’d be very sad if I had to give ‘the green thing’ from our weekend house away. I’ll try to find out what plant, tree or shrub it is – if I’m lucky, I can even keep it.

The first picture (the big one) is provided by Pfoetchen.Wg. Visit her Facebook page to see more photos of her 9 feline friends. The two smaller cat pictures are provided by 7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal. Visit their Facebook page to see more pictures of her 7 feline friends! Disclaimer: Pfoetchen.Wg, 7 Zwerge aus dem Neckertal and I aren’t affiliates, neither of us receives a commission for this. I just love their pictures and I’m thankful that I may use them on my blog.