C as in Catified Computer. How cats can solve your IT problems

Despite the rumors, cats are not dominating 60% of the Internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if cats were spreading that rumor themselves – today the dog, tomorrow the world! Making people think they already dominate the Internet is actually a great tactical move. Cats for president!

Ok then, they don’t statistically dominate the Internet, but ever wondered why cats are nevertheless omnipresent? Neoreach reveals 5 hidden psychological reasons cats dominate the internet. (Here we go again: cats are not even among the 10 most popular topics online!)

Cats sell. Cats rule. Cats make people laugh. Humans just love cats. The IT support from the University of Helsinki seems to be no exception. (Translation: IT problems? Always contact the ‘help desk’ first) Maybe they’re just trying to save their jobs though: I guess few things make people as furious as IT cats dominate the internetproblems. A sweet cat picture could protect the computers of the university from computer rage behaviors (wow – this is actually a scientific term!). Anger management at its best!

I’m pretty impressed that my own computer is still working. I tried to make this header work, and after many hours I’m done. Not only with my nerves, but also with the header! Ok, I’m a perfectionist – I’m not 100% satisfied, but I can live with the result. Maybe my shrink is well worth the money after all? I still need to take some IT classes though, because I should fix a child theme to my parent theme. WordPress is sometimes killing me. Hm. Maybe the university’s IT support would help me if I sent them the video of my technically aware cats??

Edit: WUAH!!! Just realized that my wonderful new header sucks on mobile phones. WHAT??? I don’t want to label my blog as “adult content” at the Abc challenge, so I’ll be quiet now. Who said cat pictures can prevent computer rage behavior???