I can’t be allergic to cats, can I??

My right hand was red and a bit itchy yesterday, but the rash didn’t really bother me. It went away overnight and everything was normal today. However, the rash was back when I returned from my daily shelter visit.

cat allergy rashI took this photo 2 hours ago and it’s become better in the meantime. I still have some red spots, but they’re neither itchy nor very visible. I don’t have any other symptoms, and the rash is only on my right hand. I’m afraid the cats have caused the rash. I’ve tried very hard, but I can’t come up with any other explanation.

I’m now afraid I’m allergic to cats. Whilst most allergy suffers are (also) dealing with coughing and wheezing, skin rashes are a common reaction as well. I’m surprised, because I’ve been with cats earlier and I never had any allergic reaction. (more…)

Are they hungry?

Wait a moment – I actually do have a third cat-related memory: much later (well, whatever this means for a child) my sister, my mom and I were talking a walk in the forest. I planned to put some ham behind a tree; just in case the cats were hungry. I don’t remember if I actually did that. If I know my mom – probably not.

After that, I haven’t cared for cats for many years. I just wasn’t interested. I even forgot that our family ever had cats.

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