Weekly review – week 18 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

Our first week together

Tada! I’m proud – I only freaked out once this week, because Tessa was gagging a couple of times. Apart from that, we were enjoying some precious moments and a parcel full of gifts and treats! This was definitely Tessa’s week: she stole treats and styled my hair. The A to Z challenge ended on Thursday and I took a break yesterday; I needed a blog-free day. I promised to write about Tessa and the stove, but I’ll catch up next week.

Our relationship has improved: (more…)

The Cat In My Hair

The 1st of Mai is a colorful and cheerful day in Finland. Many people go out on Walpurgis Night (April 30th). On Mai 1st, we have traditional picnics in parks (regardless the weather, and yes, it’s often cold and rainy). I’ve always loved Vappu (that’s what we call the 1st of Mai). Unlike other celebrations, there aren’t any obligations, people are just gathering and having fun. I’m having difficulties with parties because of my mental health situation, but I’ve always tried to join my friends for some hours.

I bought Vappu decoration the other day, thinking that my cats would love to play with it. Well. It wasn’t a big success, but Tessa warmed up eventually.

kissa vappuna

I love to do my hair, and I’m known for my colorful hairdo on Vappu. This year’s version is quite simple (at least in comparison to the last years) and I blame Tessa. (more…)

U as in United. Our first 24 hours together

Our first night

… was OK. I learnt something new: whiskers tickle! Ok, all of you knew this, but I didn’t. Tessa and / or Kajsa (I don’t know) also liked to go under my bed and scratch the mattress from below. So I woke up several times, but nobody jumped on my belly! As far as I know, I was sleeping alone in my bed. They were meowing for food at 7 am, which is great, because that’s when I’m supposed to get up. (more…)

Weekly review – week 16 (2015), Sunday Selfie and Blog Award

My crazy week

Team Shelter had a really eventful week. I was very ill and crossed my limits. I was at the emergency room, but I could go home after a long day. I cut all my aloe vera plants, because I wanted to avoid that my cats need emergency treatment. I was worried about the power balance between my cats, but Tessa was very relaxed and showed off. Tessa was also easy-going when their cage was open, but Kajsa and I were overwhelmed.

In short: many things happened, but the real excitement is still ahead: THIS WAS MY LAST WEEK WITHOUT CATS! 3 days to go! (more…)

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