Ahem, Tessa? I really really need to get up now. You need to move.

Ahem. That’s not what I meant.

Ok, ok, ok. It’d break my heart to force you getting up now. I guess I can take the later bus today.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: I’m wearing a bathrobe. Tessa always waits in front of the bathroom when I shower, and wants to cuddle as soon as I put on my bathrobe… I’m again so addicted to her soft fur that I can’t say no. Just one of those confessions people make online.

mommy nov2015

You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine

Can you believe that Mom seriously thought that it was too difficult to jump onto the fridge?? Well. Kajsa was on the fridge a minute after she came to our new kitchen for the first time, and it’s been one of the most popular spots ever since. The surface was of course way too hard for our delicate bellies, so we made Mom give us her acupressure mat. Right… as if she’d ever used it, haha. Why do humans invent uncomfortable mattresses??


There’s a very tiny time frame when the sun is shining on this spot. The silly human is so surprised that I know exactly when the sun will come around.


I’ll go the kitchen at about 2 pm, but of course only when the sun is shining. Why is this so amazing? Does she think I’m stupid? Why should I keep sunshine timetables on a rainy day? I’m a very important and busy cat, and have lots of things to do, it’s hard as it is to find time for my afternoon nap on sunny days.


Oh yes, just look at this gorgeous paw, the burning paw of power, ready to rule over the world, and especially over all silly male cats up North.


It’s a pity that the dark time of the year has just begun, but I’m hoping for a sunny 2 pm nap every now and then.

tessa nov2015


Granny lives in an apartment building in the center of a big city. Mom had the brilliant idea to take me for a walk to the basement because she thought I’d like to explore long corridors.

cats hate closed doors

Eh …. shouldn’t she know that we cats hate closed doors??? And that we love windows?? Total fail. After several attempts to make her open doors, I showed her in no uncertain terms that I had enough. Bah. A basement where people store a lot of stuff in boxes sounds fun, but not this stupid corridor. Honestly – what was she thinking???


tessa nov2015

Intergenerational competence

Thank you for your support, kitties, I’ll go for the maximum number of boxes!

Today I want to share some inter-generational wisdom with you to get maximum attention from your humans! Occupying Mom’s laptop is a very powerful tool to get her full attention. However, I’ve never seen Granny with a laptop, so I tried sitting on her newspaper. Success!

cat occupies newspaper

Even better – on the newspaper and crossword at the same time.

cat occupies crossword

Hehehehehehe. Needless to say: look as sweet and innocent as possible!


tessa nov2015

Meanwhile in Helsinki

Whatever it is, I disagree.

whatever it is i disagree


tessa nov2015

Cat4-001A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting is part of The Cat On My Head’s blog hop Selfie Sunday.

Curiosity Stretched The Cat

curiosity stretched the catWe live in an old house from 1890, and our neighbors are partly heating with firewood. It’s a pity that we don’t have one of those lovely old-fashioned masonry stoves in our apartment – we’d love to snuggle there. However, we DO get to share their wood shed, and of course Kajsa and I love being there.

If I only knew what was in the shed next door! Mom says that she’s no idea. The key is lost, and nobody has opened this shed for many many years.

Arg! Aren’t humans stupid??? I tried to get her interested, and had some suggestions:

  • A squirrel colony? Mom says she’s not interested in squirrels. Besides, she thinks it’s unlikely that they live in colonies.
  • A mouse colony then? Mom says that it’s sometimes better not to know things. Eh????
  • A treasure of gold and silver, from pirates or smugglers? Mom says that this is Finland. Highly unlikely.
  • An old murder mystery, a body, and our house will be cursed until we open the shed? Mom says I had too much cat nip. Bah.

Help me out here! Why are humans not curious enough to BREAK IN and find out?

And You’ll Never Walk Alone

One of the things I haven’t thought about when I cat-proofed my home was enough space in my cupboards. I have to put more things away now – bread, fruit, or let’s face it: anything I don’t want my cats to eat / play with / destroy.

I finally got myself to do one of the most boring things I know: to rearrange my cupboards.

hiding food from cats

You can always count on Tessa’s help when something needs to get fixed. She was sleeping upstairs, but it took her only 2 minutes until she joined me.

naughty cats

All activities are more fun with cats. Especially if you want to find new safe places for stuff you want to keep paw-free.

cat sniff at everything

mommy nov2015

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