How Cats Solve Problems

To be fair, not only Tessa got stuck on a tree, but also Kajsa. She had of course her own way of handling this situation.

how cats solve problems

 Both learned their lesson though. They’re now great climbers – in both directions!

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

mommy nov2015


About a cat, a dog and a birch

Tessa and Kaja: We were so pleased that you acknowledged our mighty climbing skills yesterday. We’re talented, young and strong girlcats, and trees are our natural habitat. You may even call us the squirrels of all cats! Of course we get down safely! Gotta dash now to boss the cat sitter around. Mom still wants to write something, but we’re offline now.

The adventures of Tessa and me

It’s true, they are nowadays experts on trees. However, there were some minor incidents when they started their tree carrier.

cat is too afraid to come down the tree

Tessa and I were taking a walk when we met a woman with a dog. She didn’t know whether her dog liked cats. I wasn’t sure about Tessa either, but I wanted to give it a try. Everything seemed fine: both were peaceful and curious about each other, but suddenly the dog snarled at Tessa. My brave idiot (the dog was twice her size) snarled back.

cat climbed too high“Oh, so he DOES hunt cats after all – he kills hares!” Eh… Tessa is smaller than the hares in our area!! I panicked and picked Tessa up. Maybe not the best way to deal with a scared cat, but she really appreciated my support: she climbed on my shoulder, and put all her claws deep into my skin. Ouch.

The woman went away, and Tessa run as fast as she could to the closest tree. Great – I think we both needed a break. However, our adventure wasn’t over yet: turned out that 4 meters (13 ft) were too high for her. She didn’t know how to climb down.

Wonderful. We were actually quite close to our home, but I couldn’t leave her because of the leash. So I was waiting under this very birch. And waiting. And waiting. I think my whole neighborhood knows this crazy woman with her cat by now. She finally decided to give it a try after 2 hours. Hallelujah.

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and early autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

mommy nov2015

Back To School

cat searching for miceOne weekend later and I’m still too tired. I need all my spare time to relax, watch silly tv shows, and, most important, spend a lot of time with Kajsa and Tessa.

Real life is always more important than a blog, and I don’t have much energy left. I’m sure that most bloggers know what I’m talking about. I decided to take a “longer” break (don’t know for how long, I assume 2-3 weeks?), and be “really back” when I’m back: a longer break now, but regular posts after the break.

Thank you for visiting us, and I’m looking forward to write new posts when I’m back!

I’ve to link to a sad posting now: Ellen’s Lucy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, and I’m very sorry for her loss.

The grass is always greener

cats love fences

I hope that being on an airplane / abroad is as exciting as my neighbor’s garden, but who do I try to fool. I’m getting very nervous, 2 days until our summer vacation!

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Bloody tricky ticks

So Detective Mamma has a new enemy: ticks. Sigh. As for fleas: they’re luckily very rare in Finland, so it’s unlikely my girls will catch them.

cat has ticksI sometimes catch those bastards earlier, sometimes later… this fat tick was on the bathroom floor, so Tessa was apparently hosting a guest for several days. Eek. I was a bit naive, I didn’t think of ticks when we started to go out. That’s probably why I didn’t see this one before it was on the floor.

It’d been better if Kajsa was the one who likes to go out, because it’s difficult to spot ticks in Tessa’s fur. Tessa is also really picky about her belly. I manage to search for ticks with my hands, but it’d been easier if I could use my eyes as well.

I’m a newbie to ticks, but so far, the best tool for removing ticks was a lice comb. Ticks are often crawling for 2-3 hours in their search for the perfect spot – I’ve been combing them out before they bite.

I know, there’re several methods to prevent ticks, (more…)

Who let the cats out, who who who

It was me!
cat enjoying our gardenI did something pretty unusual – I took my girls out without thinking too much. I know there are proper leash training guides, but I decided to go with my guts. We just go out, and I’m learning by doing. And now I’m going wild – I didn’t even come up with proper routines. Ok, there’s one: they’ll always get their beloved dry food afterwards; I want them to look forward to something when they get in.

Well, “they” is an exaggeration. (more…)

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