The (of)fence

Tessa here. I can’t believe it, but all birds disappeared from our backyard! Good news is that we can use our garden again – some of you may remember that we cats were afraid of mad gulls. The flip side – well, we didn’t get to eat the chicks.

Cat in front of a new fence

Here I’m inspecting our new fence. So weird – do humans really think that a fence will protect our garden from being invaded by crazy gangsta gulls? Don’t they know that birds can fly??

Cat looks through fence

The fence does not only fail to stop birds, but also squirrels. Not that I’m complaining about squirrels in our garden. No, squirrels are indeed guests I highly appreciate!

cat moves whiskers when watching animals

Mom loves that I can move my whiskers, and it never stops fascinating her that my whiskers stick out when I observe squirrels. Well. Thinking of humans’ confined abilities to move their hair, I’m not surprised, hehe.


Suburban Gangs

Hi fellows, Mom wants to thank you for your advice on yesterday’s post. She’ll keep you posted. Frankly, I couldn’t care less what Mom’s gotta do with Kajsa the Drama Queen. In fact, I’ve far more severe issues I’d like Mom to focus on.

You think you’re looking at an idyllic scene with a gorgeous cat? Think again (well, apart from the gorgeous part)! I’m a perfect cat for a suburban environment: my fur melts with concrete and rocks, I’m almost invisible. Almost. Why on earth has Mom bought a red harness and leash?? She destroyed my camouflage!

It gets even worse. On top of this rock was a lovely family – a squirrel with its offspring!!! My useless human squeaked in delight. I certainly was also delighted, but I didn’t get to express my joy because Mrs. Squirrel and her brats run away. Not sure if they saw the red leash, silly Mom or if they were afraid of her outburst – fact is that she totally ruined my day.

You think that was all for today? It gets even worse. The picture is from the end of May. Since the beginning of June, we’ve had quite a situation on our backyard. Mom still thinks that our neighborhood isn’t dangerous, but we’re actually facing violent street fights with different gangs involved. It got so bad that we can’t use our backyard anymore. And it’s not only me, even humans get nervous when they pass our street. So we’ve been stuck in the park when we go out, but Mrs Squirrel doesn’t live there. Bah.

You’ll hear more about our very dangerous street tomorrow. It took a while until Mom got all the pictures she needed – she was too afraid to stay for more than 20 seconds on our yard. A man got actually injured the other day because he didn’t mind his own business and got involved. While I do think that Mom deserves to get punished for her stupid squirrel behavior, I do not want her to go to hospital; I need her thumbs to open my cans.


Advice wanted: what to do with Lady Indecision?

Warning: long text for a short question, hehe.

It’s been over a year since we moved from a semi-detached house with a garden to an apartment building. Don’t get confused, we moved this spring again, but our current place is quite alike the former apartment house.

Kajsa hasn’t been outside ever since we left the single-family house. Why? Well, she never made it to the groundplan because she couldn’t make up her mind in the staircase (the house has no elevator). I admit that I often run short of patience; I normally waited for 15 minutes (felt like hours) before I gave up. However, lack of patience was not the reason we never got to the first floor. One day, we were for over an hour in the staircase, but then some neighbor came home and Kajsa fled to our apartment. It’s actually a miracle that we had the staircase for ourselves for over an hour. I figured that unless I go out with Kajsa in the middle of the night (when all neighbors are sleeping), we’ll never ever come to the next stop that requires heavy thinking: the front door. Sigh.

Tessa has been out with me several times, and Kajsa knows where we are because she watched us from the window. I was nevertheless uncertain whether she actually understands what is waiting for her beyond the d**** staircase. I carried her twice to the transparent front door, thinking that she may get out when she sees the park behind our house. Well. She was interested but her indecision required so much time that our neighbors decided for her: she runs in panic to our apartment as soon as someone else is in the staircase.

There’s another problem here: when she’s running up the stairs, she’s way faster than me which in turn multiplies her anxiety because the leash is stopping her. As a result, she’s now afraid of the leash. Sigh.

Some weeks ago, I decided to give it a last try: I carried her all the way out. Don’t get me wrong – it’s of course fine if Kajsa doesn’t want to go out. Thing is, she wants to go out, but her indecision makes it impossible to ever get to this point. She was really mad at me in the staircase, she hissed, tried to escape and started growling like a very dangerous dog. However, once we were in the park, she actually loved being outside.

She wasn’t hiding, but got up to have a better view. She was really exploring, went way longer than Tessa and tried to chase birds. After 1,5 hours (!) she took a break. Can’t really see a very unhappy panicky cat on this picture either.

So what to do with our Queen of Indecision? We had the same ride the next time we went out. A crazy cat fearing for her life in the staircase, and a very happy cat outside.

Now I’m the one with an indecision issue. Shall I continue forcing her out? I’m feeling like a very bad person in the staircase, but I also feel like doing the right thing once we’re in the park.


Summary: she’s very afraid and totally crazy while I carry her out. Once we’re outside, she’s very happy. We’ll never get to the point that she slowly gets herself out because she needs too much time: we’d need at least 5 hours until we’re outside, and we’ll never have the staircase to ourselves for such a long time. When a neighbor is in the staircase, she goes crazy. So there’s no other way than carrying her out.

What would you do?



Did you know that reflector is also called cat’s eye (Katzenauge) in German? My dictionary claims that you can also say so in (British?) English, but I had problems finding a better reference. Many of you are English native speakers, can you help me here?

Two real cat eyes and two fake. Good to know that all 4 are working!

According to the Finnish law, pedestrians must use reflectors during the dark months of the year. I know that wearing reflectors for improved safety is very uncommon in most countries, but I encourage you to give it a try. I admit that I thought it was a bit silly when I came to Finland. I had lived in Northern Norway before moving to Southern Finland, so Helsinki wasn’t dark for me in winter. However, I changed my mind when I drove a car for the first time in Finland: it really makes a big difference!

If you’re interested to think about it: the Finnish Road Safety Council has a great animation where you can compare how well you’re seen with and without reflectors. Change the distance as well, 20 meters (default setting) isn’t a long distance – and you want to be seen as early as possible when walking in the dark.


Bad Neighborhood

We already know that we can’t rely on Mom’s judgement call when it comes to apartments. We’ve now found out why we hardly see squirrels around here – it’s because of our bad neighborhood!

Mom took these pictures about 600 meters from our house. This tree looks like an ordinary fir, and Mom’s instincts are so badly evolved that she didn’t pay any attention.

But somehow it even crossed her mind that she often sees squirrels and birds here. So Mrs Super Brain had a closer look… just look what’s behind the branches: a squirrel and bird paradise! Snow-free, dry and hidden, that’s what these little suckers like. Is it any wonder that they don’t hang out at our place?

It’s so important to check your potential neighborhood before moving somewhere, even though Mom claims that Finland is a very safe country without any real bad neighborhoods. Bah. And what is this??? We’ve neighbors who are spending time and money on a secret bird and squirrel restaurant!!

We think she should take us to this place, but Mom said “I’m afraid our neighbors won’t appreciate when I walk cats to their feeding station”. So she is afraid of our neighbors? How can she still claim that there’s nothing wrong with our neighborhood?


Climbing like a squirrel

Feline friends!

I was climbing my favorite tree, looking forward to some poultry, but those stupid birdies hopped to the next tree as soon as I got up. Bah. I decided to take a short cut: to climb from one tree crown to another. I know that squirrels can do that, so why shouldn’t I?


Look, Mom, that’s why we have tails – we can balance our bodies.

Can’t understand why Mom stopped admiring me. Can you believe that she started playing with her phone? She said she was very afraid, but that she would only make things worse if she started shouting. Silly human. I’m a very talented climber, I can climb like a squirrel, look!!! Oops. Help.

Well, ok, I better get down. I know that Mom has treats in her pockets and she looks like she’d really love to give me some as long as I come down, hehe.


Scandal: our squirrelless residence

So King P. asked about our snow and squirrel situation. We don’t have a garden anymore, but Mom takes us outside every now and then, and I found a new great tree to climb. It’s so much fun when Mom can’t see me and gets nervous.


I’ve to report that we haven’t yet seen any squirrels, so we think that Mom made a poor decision when she signed the lease. Can you believe that she didn’t ask the agent about squirrels??? Ok, we get that 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony are important as well. The area is also great: no traffic and a huge recreation area starts right behind our house. How very generous of her to make sure that she may keep cats – we find it difficult to believe that many landlords don’t allow pets?? And good for her that public transportation is extremely good, and that she can afford the rent. But squirrels?? How could she miss squirrels??


Sigh. This picture is only 3 days old, but all the leaves are gone now. No snow. Mom says that this totally isn’t her fault, but who knows… Did I mention that she forgot to check for squirrels before she forced us to move?


tessa nov2015

Dreamy Tree Day

I was just enjoying summer in our wonderful garden.

cat lives in a tree

Everything was under control.

cat loves trees

Wait. What do you mean with that we’re moving houses???

cute cat in a tree

WAIT. Why is this posting posted in AUTUMN?

Dear feline friends, we’re – again – ashamed and terrible sorry for this long break.

Mom’s this weird thing going on in her head: the blog was offline for such a long time, that’s why she needs to come up with some great posts, and that’s why she needs more time to write them, and that’s why ….

You, know, humans…. sigh. She started this post in August. And needed 2,5 months to look at the photos until I took over. So regular and normal posts from now on, hallelujah.

kajsa nov2015

We’re back

Feline friends! What a summer!

neugierige katzen

We moved houses, but had no time to settle down at our new apartment before we went on a long vacation to Germany! Many of you know that we’re normally living in Finland, but staying for several weeks a year in Germany at “our” grandparents’ place. We’re stuck for another two weeks in Cologne, but to be honest – we love living with Granny. Mom says that Kajsa and I get spoiled rotten here, but so does she…. Hehe.

Mom slept for about 4 weeks in a row, but said that she’s now getting ready for blogging again. That’s great, but I’m for now far more interested where she hid my treats this time. Besides, any ideas why my new nickname is Mole ???

tessa nov2015

Dashing through the snow

Huh huh. I was just jumping into a very compelling box, and next thing I know, I landed upside-down several meters away!

cat is sledding in snow

I expected Mom to comfort me, but she was only laughing. She said that smaller accidents are part of the sledding fun.

cat is sledding in a box


cat sledding in a box in snow

Not sure what she means, but I certainly wasn’t laughing all the way. Quite the opposite I’d really need some treats to recover!

tessa nov2015



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