Other humans and visitors

The Winner Takes It All

why do long-haired cats look so cute Talking of gifts: we didn’t get anything for Christmas!

Our human says that

a) we’ve not been good girls
b) we’re only cats – she doesn’t even give Christmas presents to humans.
c) that she didn’t get anything for Christmas either (see b)

“Only cats” , “not good girls” … How dare she? And her lies continue: she didn’t get any Christmas presents*, BUT she stole Granny’s gift!

Yesterday we showed that Granny got some expensive high-tech recorder / hard drive for her tv.  And guess who’s playing with it now? Right. Our human. She stole her own mother’s Christmas gift!

She says that she’s installing, updating and explaining the device for her mother. She thinks she’s unselfish, and that her mother is grateful for her help. Bah. We know that humans love pressing buttons and playing with anything that has a screen, so she can’t fool us. She’s a thief!


* Note to L.: she loved your homemade candy! We cats don’t consider it a gift though because we got treats, too, and that’s something we should get all day every day.


Hairball versus Clumsy Human

Uh-oh. I better keep a low profile today and look as cute as possible. My human is FURious about an ever so tiny furry incident.

cat keeps low profile

My human was surprised to find a hairball on the floor this morning: I always barf on rugs, sofas, beds or any other delicate material, but this hairball was next to a rug. Shouldn’t she just be happy? And even more important, shouldn’t other persons in this household stay out of this? No – of course Grandpa had to intervene.

Something strange happened tonight. When I went to the bathroom, I stepped into something juicy on a rug. Couldn’t really identify what it was, looked like poo, but smelled differently? I got it off my feet but couldn’t find it afterwards. I didn’t want to turn on the light because I was afraid to wake you up.

I couldn’t find anything when I got up this morning – was this just a dream?

Is it my fault that I have so much fur? Is it my fault that Grandpa is too stupid to walk around a hairball? Of course not! So why am I to blame ?!?


When the cat is away Blog

Guinea Pig vs Cat

You’d think that we suffered enough by seeing a veterinary dentist. Now Mom had this crazy idea to take pictures of our teeth so that she can follow up on plaque and other changes. She got her photos, but not without a fight and a number of outtakes.

cat looks like a cavy

Do you remember K., the Australian intruder, who stayed at our place last fall? Mom sent this picture to her, and you’ll never guess her comment: “Kajsa looks like a guinea pig!”

What? I know they’ve a lot of crazy animals down there in Straya, but how can she mix up a cat with a guinea pig? Can’t she see my dangerous fangs, indicating that I’m a predator and not a silly herbivore? Bah. Rather than commenting on European cats, she should focus on animals in her environment. Hope that some nasty spider or snake pays her house a visit anytime soon. Chances are she’ll mix them up with a birdie or maybe a kangaroo.


When the toddler’s away

Bah! So that’s Mom’s salary for abandoning us and taking care of her godchild: she caught his flu. Our first thought was something like “serves her right” , but who’s now on duty nursing whining humans? Right. It’s us! Where’s this toddler now, when our human needs somebody to take care of her?? This little imp is having a blast and leaves Mom to her fate!!

my cat takes care of me when I feel bad

Oddly enough, Mom’s actually thankful that the toddler from hell is not staying with her while she’s sick – she says that toddlers are very bad nurses. ?? Humans are so screwed up.

headphones vs cat

On the bright side – I can spot my salary for nursing Mom. Let’s hope that she’s falling asleep in this very position, and this blue tasty cord will be mine, hehehe.


Toddler Terror

SHE IS BACK !!!!! Finally! Not only did she leave us alone over night, but was also late: she promised to be back by 9 am, but wasn’t here until 11 am ! She didn’t even feel guilty for her delay, but claims that she had no choice ?!

Mom was in charge of her 1,5-year-old godson. She picked him up at 4 pm, slept at his place, and was supposed to drop him off at daycare at 8.30 am. Unfortunately, he became sick, coughed through the night and had a temperature. (Oh, doesn’t this imp know how to make a scene??) Our human says that you can’t bring sick children to daycare, and that you absolutely can’t leave a toddler alone. So she had to stay two more hours until his mother came up with a solution. For some complicated reason, his mother was out-of-town and his father abroad.

We don’t think it’s complicated. Everybody knows that toddlers are terrorists. No wonder his parents run away and blackmailed our human to take care of him. She falls for everybody who’s a brat, but looks cute and plays helpless – after all, that’s exactly what we cats do for a living.

what does it mean when my cat lays on her side

So she can’t leave a toddler for 2 hours on his own, but us for many many hours?? Let’s do the math: she left at 3.30 pm and came home at 11.00 am. In other words, she was away for 19,5 hours!!

Bah. There’s no way we’ll let her catch up on some sleep after taking care of a whining toddler last night. Feline friends: what is the longest your human ever left you without a catsitter?? Are almost 20 hours OK?? 


The Sister From Hell

Phew – Mom’s visitor finally left! We can’t believe this person was her sister (NO! We won’t call her auntie!) because she was so different.

However, they’ve one thing in common: insomnia issues. Our human snores a lot, so she offered her our bedroom to her sister. This is already bad enough: we don’t like when our human changes her routines, and her sleeping on the sofa was very confusing. But it got worse. Her sister closed the bedroom door at night !!! She was longing for a silent room and privacy.

cat sits in a box on a wall shelf

WHAT? Of course we were scratching at the door, making sure that she didn’t get a silent room, but how dare she claim privacy in our Queendom? Now, we know that we complained a lot when Mom’s Australian friend K. visited us last fall. Some of you may remember that Mom insisted on closing the bathroom door to get some privacy – but that was only for some minutes a time, not a whole night!

Looking on the bright side, we liked the um … creative … way Mom’s sister made the bed, but that doesn’t excuse her very rude behavior.

cat loves when my bed is a mess

Oh yes. Kajsa got so excited when the sister from hell finally left. When Mom moved back to her bed, Kajsa was dancing on her belly all night.

Cat doesn't like visitors

Now Mom threatens that she’ll also start closing the door if Kajsa continues partying on her belly, but we assume she’s joking – she sure wouldn’t dare bouncing us from the bedroom ?


Post-traumatic Exhaustion

Do I look exhausted? You bet I am. Our visitor finally left, and we’re all trying to catch up some sleep.

cat resting after visitors

We’re sorry for the blog break – our human was so tired that she couldn’t think clearly. Can you believe that she actually pre-wrote some postings to keep our blog running, but FORGOT to schedule them? Bah.

I guess we’re lucky that she didn’t forget to feed us? She said that we’ll go back to daily posts now, but we don’t dare to promise anything. Her memory is like a sieve!


Temper Tantrum

WHAT is this person doing in our apartment? And why do you’ve better things to do than blogging??

Only for 4 days”. Does she really think she can impress me with her sweetest voice?

I better throw a tantrum to tell her my opinion.

I guess the intruder is gone now? Don’t get me wrong, she sure is a nice person, but Mom doesn’t live up to our service standards!


Things humans do when no one is watching

Picture credit: @Nickisreading (Instagram)

Our silly human was very surprised when she got this picture from our catsitter: we never sit like that when Mom’s home.

Come on! Why should we behave the same with a different person? Did she really think that we’d sit all day on our usual spots and miss her?

Besides, when she gets visitors, she also behaves different, and does a lot of things she normally doesn’t. Like closing the bathroom door. Getting dressed. Eating at the diner table instead of in front of her computer. Covering her mouth when she’s coughing. Hiding our tampons. Picking her nose only in the bathroom.

Ups. Guess she wanted to keep that a secret, hehe.



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