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Bad Neighborhood

We already know that we can’t rely on Mom’s judgement call when it comes to apartments. We’ve now found out why we hardly see squirrels around here – it’s because of our bad neighborhood!

Mom took these pictures about 600 meters from our house. This tree looks like an ordinary fir, and Mom’s instincts are so badly evolved that she didn’t pay any attention.

But somehow it even crossed her mind that she often sees squirrels and birds here. So Mrs Super Brain had a closer look… just look what’s behind the branches: a squirrel and bird paradise! Snow-free, dry and hidden, that’s what these little suckers like. Is it any wonder that they don’t hang out at our place?

It’s so important to check your potential neighborhood before moving somewhere, even though Mom claims that Finland is a very safe country without any real bad neighborhoods. Bah. And what is this??? We’ve neighbors who are spending time and money on a secret bird and squirrel restaurant!!

We think she should take us to this place, but Mom said “I’m afraid our neighbors won’t appreciate when I walk cats to their feeding station”. So she is afraid of our neighbors? How can she still claim that there’s nothing wrong with our neighborhood?


Grandpa’s beloved lamp

Since the … um … expensive lamp incident, Mom’s been worrying about replacement glasses for Grandpa’s lamp – until he said that they don’t want to repair the lamp.

“Well, we found out that neither of us wants to keep the lamp, but we both thought the other one did.”

Mom says we should be grateful that the lamp wasn’t important after all, and that Granny and Grandpa are so relaxed about our “accidents”.

Bah. We again think that they exploit our workforce! Granny set us to work on the green armchair (you may remember that she wanted us to destroy an armchair so that she can finally get rid of it!), and now they need somebody to destroy a lamp to find out that neither of them liked the lamp. Who again said that Homo sapiens is the most advanced species on communication?!? And where is our salary?


Crossword Collaboration

Granny has worked hard on improving her crossword skills, so we’ve found a compromise after a long struggle.

Mom says I’m spoiled rotten. Granny often complains that I disturb her, but we all know that she secretly loves the attention.


Tactical Sleeping Position

Do your humans also fight about ridiculous things?

Mom sleeps with Granny in the king size bed because Grandpa’s computer is in the guest room. He likes to surf at night when Mom’s already sleeping, so they decided that he sleeps in the guest room and Mom in the bedroom with Granny.

Granny and Mom have ever since had a very weird competition. They believe that I always sleep on the bed of my favorite person: when I sleep on Granny’s side, I like her more than Mom and vice versa. (Aren’t humans weird???). They often check the bedroom to see if I sleep on the bed – and where.

It’s important to keep them on their toes though, so I decided to confuse them with my neutral peaceful position, hehe.

P.S. Mom says that Granny’s cheating because she puts my favorite fleece blanket on her bed to attract me. Sigh. Humans. Will they ever learn to get along with each other??


Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! Finally – do you remember that Germans traditionally decorate on Dec 24th?? Oh yes, Granny already had some angels and Santa , but now the good stuff shows up.

Mom is very sick and coughing on the sofa, so I thought that I’d help Granny instead. She often laughs when she sees me, so I guess she’ll be happy to get some helping paws.

Talking of helping paws: you probably know that many Europeans celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Mom’s family will meet at her brother’s place at about 5 pm. Mom is feeling so bad that she thinks about staying at home with Kajsa and me. Sounds like a great plan to us, but her family wants her to come so that Mom isn’t alone on Christmas Eve.

Alone?!? Mom tried to tell her family that she has wonderful company, but apparently we are “only two cats” and don’t count. ??

None of these rules apply to Grandma

What, Mom? I know that I never sit on your lap. I like it when you lay down, but your lap is not good enough for me. Granny’s again is perfect, I want to sit here for hours! Now get lost and leave us alone.

You may continue tickling me now, Granny, I think I made my point.


How to scare Granny

Oh, I love this box on top of the cupboard. It’s one of my favorite beds, but why on earth did Mom put it there if she didn’t want me to sleep in it??

It’s not my fault that I have to jump on the kitchen table when I want to get down. And it’s not my fault that Granny likes to sit there with her crosswords. And it certainly isn’t my fault that she forgets that she’s two cats now, and that I like to sleep on the cupboard.

So when I jump on her crossword after some good hours sleep, and Granny starts behaving like slaughtered people in a horror movie, why does Mom look at me??????



HELP! Our office strategy didn’t work out! This woman is not only stupid, but also dangerous!

We’re now her cheeky monkeys and cuter than chockie bikkies. Ok, we’re used to humans calling us stupid names, and to be honest: we’re rather a cheeky monkey to Australians than a Mäuschen (mousey) to Germans. What we don’t accept, under any circumstances, is that she said that we would be the perfect chrissy prezzy for hubby. She wants to catnapp us to Australia!!!!

Mom said that

  1. She wouldn’t let K. do that  (hear hear)
  2. Australian customs are crazy and very strict.

We dunno. It’s probably best that we stay in the bedroom at day time, and move to the living room when K. goes to bed.


However, we’ve to be on our feet around the clock because K. is sometimes nocturnal, and calls her boss, hubby and customers in the middle of the night! We start to wonder whether she really belongs to the human species as humans typically sleep at night. Is she an alien? Isn’t her weird language also a strong indicator??

Oh kitties, this is all very exhausting and confusing. We’re glad that we cats are ever so flexible with our diurnal rhythm – she talked about this chrissy-prezzy-hubby thing at 5 am when Mom was sleeping!!!!!!! Very suspicious!


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Busy Office Hours

We’ve worked very hard on showing our Australian Intruder that she’s not welcome anymore.

We were thrilled when we heard that she had used all her vacation days, but our excitement didn’t last long as she can work from “home” (bah). Every morning, after having Brekkie, she turns OUR table into her home office. We tried to make our point by occupying our table, and foolishly hoped that Mom would support us. Can you believe that she warned K. that I’m probably waiting for my chance to “steal” her headphones?? Bah. Those headphones are on my table, so they’re mine, and I can’t technically steal my own property.


Kajsa and I are not always soul mates, but she backed me up big time. Our plan is to prevent K. from working, and hope that her boss gets fed up and requires her return to Straya.


It’s interesting though that this woman has an employment at all, because she’s not very bright. How can she believe that I want to snuggle with her?? Can’t she see that I’m telling her to leave?


Only good news: we overheard a Skype call with her husband: she said that she’s looking forward to Chrissie and a Barbie. It’s of course crazy that an Australian visits Finland in winter time, but she sure isn’t so crazy that she wants to barbecue in Finland in December??


tessa nov2015

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