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Cat Swap anyone?

One last note on Mr. Shy: I thought his human was mad when she asked me to remove his cone and offer him food. I’m sure that my cats would

a) not eat (they never eat when I want them to eat, especially when they’d finally got rid of a cone)
b) make sure that I can’t put on the cone again.

Mr. Shy again … was handsome and polite. He ate when I asked him to eat.

can cats with cones eat

… and he neither run away nor defended himself when I put on the cone again.

are cats mean after surgery


What is this for a wondercat??? I was thinking of swapping cats with my neighbors, but I guess they don’t want my stubborn and not-so-charming girls.


foolish servant to cats

Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy

One of my neighbors asked if I could spend some time at their place the next day. Their cat Mr. Shy had a tumor and needed surgery. His staff had to go to work and wanted someone to check on him. Since he’s shy, there’s no point in just coming by, so we agreed that I would hang for an hour or so in their apartment, hoping that he’d show up.

I didn’t get to see his brother Mr. Very Shy – well, apart from a black lightning for about 0,000012 seconds when he was running for his life to get under the bed. Luckily, the patient, Mr. Shy, decided that I’m (most likely) not a dangerous raptor and showed up.

space collar after surgery and shy cat

I was even allowed to touch him! I was very impressed that he was doing so well after his surgery – he’s 16 years old!!

shy old cat after surgery with collar

Hehe. I think he’s normally not allowed on the table, but he convinced me that he’s suffering a lot and I felt very sorry for him.

catitter lets injured cat sleep on table


foolish servant to cats

Squirrel Teaser

From Intruder Dog to Kamikaze Squirrel – oh, we’re very busy!

cat vs squirrel

Some squirrels live on our roof and they often pass our window when they climb (!) the exterior wall of our house.

squirrel teases cat

Although our human admires their climbing skills, she doesn’t want to reward them. We suggested that they could take a break on our floor. We feel very sorry for these squirrels. It’s so cold outside, they’re probably freezing and hungry. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time inside to warm up?


Guinea Pig vs Cat

You’d think that we suffered enough by seeing a veterinary dentist. Now Mom had this crazy idea to take pictures of our teeth so that she can follow up on plaque and other changes. She got her photos, but not without a fight and a number of outtakes.

cat looks like a cavy

Do you remember K., the Australian intruder, who stayed at our place last fall? Mom sent this picture to her, and you’ll never guess her comment: “Kajsa looks like a guinea pig!”

What? I know they’ve a lot of crazy animals down there in Straya, but how can she mix up a cat with a guinea pig? Can’t she see my dangerous fangs, indicating that I’m a predator and not a silly herbivore? Bah. Rather than commenting on European cats, she should focus on animals in her environment. Hope that some nasty spider or snake pays her house a visit anytime soon. Chances are she’ll mix them up with a birdie or maybe a kangaroo.


Plague Of Insects

Uh-oh. We better hide today as our human is furious. Ironically, she doesn’t accuse us of mischief, but because we haven’t done anything ! So unfair!

Some of you may remember that we cats don’t like catnip. Mom has tried to give our plants away, but only got rid of a few. First she was upset that nobody was interested in her catnip plants, but now she got mad because a big crowd is fighting for the best plant. Human logic. Doesn’t make any sense to us?

greenflies blackflies whiteflies on catnip plant

Oh yes, hundreds of aphids have invaded our apartment and are very thankful for our human’s cat mint plants!

Close up on aphids plant lice greenflies

Mom has become a serial killer and tried many ways to get rid of plant lice. She partly succeeded, but now lost her nerves and will kill all plants instead. Aphids are big players in the advertising industry as they’ve attracted many other critters; partly their natural enemies, but also insects who like honeydew. No, it’s not raining on this picture – our windows are full of honeydew!

plant lice aphids produce honeydew

Mom’s now afraid that ants will invade our apartment. Did you know that ants protect aphids from their natural enemies in exchange for honeydew? Talking of natural enemies – Mom would have loved to house a bunch of ladybugs, but they somehow never made it to our place. Sigh. She’s mad. Ladybugs are also insects, but in her opinion something totally different than ants, plant lice and flies.

She’ll dry as many plants as possible and give them away to other cats. Hehe, we wonder whether she’ll advertise the plant lice thing? She says it doesn’t matter because aphids are not interested in dried plants, but who knows?

Feline friends: if you want to get a letter from us with dried catnip plants (and maybe aphids), write an email to cat(at)whenthecatisaway.com . We’re very curious if we get any requests after telling that we cats didn’t like the catnip plants, but hundreds of aphids loved them, hehehe.


The Royal Dynasty of Helsinki

She said she abandoned us because she had to take care of her godson. We thought she was talking about a human child. However, her clothes smelled very bad of male cat. We confiscated her phone to search for evidence and couldn’t believe our eyes.

Turned out she also took care of Valdo-Voldemort , her friend’s cat. Don’t get fooled by his harmless looks; oh no, we know better than that. Valdo is quite a legend and made it to our blog before Mom adopted us!

Some years ago, he lived at our human’s place while his family was on a vacation. He only stayed for a week, but did an impressive job in keeping Mom on her toes: he did not only scare her to death in the middle of the night, but also made an ever so small excursion. Mom and her friend are still wondering how this cat managed to unlock the balcony door .

While we admire his legendary mischief, we don’t like his attitude on this picture. Looks like he got himself a throne here, being very satisfied with himself, thinking that he’s the Prince of Helsinki…

Obviously, we can’t tolerate another royal family in our hometown, so we’ve to do something.

Any ideas?


What we kept secret in our interview

cats that got interviewed by a magazine

We are superstars! Mom was surprised when the Funny Farmer Felines asked us to give an interview for the magazine Mousebreath. Why was she so surprised? We’re most beautiful and clever – no wonder that major magazines are standing in line to get an interview with us!

Our human isn’t as gorgeous as we, but she sure will also become famous one day – in her own niche so to say: she’d do great on comedy and epic fail shows!

Let’s take the question How did you all come to live together? as an example. We already shared a funny misunderstanding in our interview, but there’s more to the story: the staff of our shelter had a good laugh after Mom’s first visit.

Our human is very afraid of spiders and hoped that cats, being brave predators, would exterminate all eight-legged devils. Can you believe that she actually asked the staff if they had ever seen us chasing spiders?? Now, shelters are certainly used to weird questions, but they never had someone asking for a spider executioner. Oh yes, you bet we all had a blast!

Tessa with her most evil laughter

In case you’re wondering: we are indeed interested in spiders, but we hardly ever kill them. You all know that we cats love to play with our prey. We often catch spiders, but we won’t kill them right away because we want to play with them first. However, spiders are very fast and often manage to escape alive. Bah.

It’s hard to believe, but Mom doesn’t appreciate our attempts to save her life. She says that she was better off when she knew where the spider was. Knowing that a dangerous spider is hiding somewhere in our apartment freaks her out. Humans! A really ungrateful race. Oh, and on a sidenote: there’s no toxic spiders in Finland – Mom’s hysterical for no reason.

You can read the full interview here: Tessa and Kajsa from Helsinki . We want to thank the Funny Farmer Felines for their great work!


The pantry on our roof

Good news! We’ve more than one source of income! Our backyard chicks are growing nicely, but our house offers so much more: some birds are still breeding on the roof! The chicks are flapping their wings, eager and helpless at the same time. Oh, we are right underneath, and try to encourage them to take the next step!

You may remember that we live on the top floor…

Come on, little fellow, spread your wings and dare to fly for the very first time in your life! We will take good care of you!

gull chick vs cat

Indeed, wonderful times ahead, I better get started to prepare myself. I know that Mom laughs about my in-or-out indecision, but Carefulness Saved The Cat! I think I’ll be on the balcony in about 1,5 hours – just about time when our visitor arrives, I think.


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