Litter box

Experiences with silicate cat litter?

Kajsa and Tessa have 2 litter trays. I’m about replacing one of them, but I thought I could use the time with 3 boxes for some experiments. So for now they’ve 2 trays with their normal litter and a third with silica gel litter.

To make sure that I know what they like / dislike, the new litter is in a familiar box and location.

experiences with silicate litter

They’ve ignored the box for over a week now. They only use the two trays with their normal litter, although one of the boxes is now on a new spot. So I’m pretty sure that they don’t like the new litter (since box and location are familiar).

How long would you keep trying? Is one week long enough? I’ve one more litter I’d like to test, so I’m thinking of putting the silicate litter away. (I’m happy that I don’t have to trash it: my friend’s cat likes silicate litter, so he’ll get it). Do you have experiences with silica gel litter?


Tessa’s 15 minutes of fame

Tessa writing.

bird perspective on catsI just had to take over today, because you hurt me. Yes, YOU! All of you! You’re happy that Kajsa is getting better, but what about me? I was actually quite satisfied with Kajsa when she was sick. She didn’t boss me around AND I had Mamma for myself. Now I’m under her paw again and Mamma isn’t solely playing with me. Bah.

cat uses trash can as litter trayI made sure I had my big moment though. Mamma was cleaning the litter trays, and again, she wasn’t considering my needs. I decided that I had to pee when Mamma had emptied the last tray. I know, we cats aren’t known for being flexible, but I think it’s more important to confuse humans: it’s dangerous when they think that they’ve understood us felines. So I decided to be flexible. My litter tray is where my litter is, so I climbed on the trash can and peed. It was the perfect timing – long enough for Mamma to stare in disbelief, short enough for a picture. I also made sure to throw some litter on the floor that Mamma had just cleaned. So yes, I was quite satisfied with myself.

Mamma: P.S. Kajsa is back to normal today. She’s been playing with her ball, bossing Tessa around and stressing me a lot. She’s still eating more than she normally does, but that’s great, because she is no big eater.

U as in United. Our first 24 hours together

Our first night

… was OK. I learnt something new: whiskers tickle! Ok, all of you knew this, but I didn’t. Tessa and / or Kajsa (I don’t know) also liked to go under my bed and scratch the mattress from below. So I woke up several times, but nobody jumped on my belly! As far as I know, I was sleeping alone in my bed. They were meowing for food at 7 am, which is great, because that’s when I’m supposed to get up. (more…)

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