Ok, she has been treating us very badly recently, and no, we neither forget nor forgive.  However, we could all do with a peaceful Sunday. I really love cuddling with my human after I washed her. She’s always so dirty and doesn’t take care of her personal hygiene – I’ve never seen her washing herself!!!

need to pee but my cat sits on me



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Late Christmas Gift

Jej!!! Granny was kind enough to share her belated Christmas present with me!

Katze liebt Schutzfolie von elektrischen Geräten

Granny got to keep some high-tech machine, but I claimed this wonderful foil. I’m normally not a playful cat, but this very material is the most wonderful toy I ever had!

Wieso es sich nicht lohnt Spielzeug für Katzen zu kaufen

Katze versteckt sich unter Verpackungsmaterial

Oh, and don’t worry, my human knows that plastic is dangerous. I’m only allowed to play under supervision, but that’s actually even more fun – she hides wand toys under the foil and I’m eagerly playing like a crazy kitten.


Conservative Cuteness: S-Tail Edition

Granny’s green armchair is also this year a hot spot. While Tessa feels a need to sleep in an indecent yoga position, I remain true to myself and keep up the art of Conservative Cuteness. Some of you may remember that I hardly ever show my belly, but prefer being cute with dignity.

I would die for my cat


Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Every body is beautiful

I first didn’t want to write this post because I’m so tired of all the focus media spends on ideal bodies. We probably all agree that medical overweight (which is something way different to what society considers overweight) comes with serious health issues. That being said, I seriously believe that social pressure does more harm than good. This is a cat blog, so I won’t go into depth here, but just to name an example: in Helsinki, overweight persons do get a discount on water gymnastic courses. The idea is to encourage people suffering from overweight to work out, and swimming is a great way as it doesn’t put weight on joints!

However, I decided to post this anyways because I had to laugh when I saw this picture of Kajsa.

fat cat isn't fat but slim

It’s funny how different you can look from a certain angle! And no, I don’t think it’s an “unflattering” picture because overweight is a health issue, not a cosmetic problem.

cat makes her tail to a circle

Kajsa: Of course I’m always beautiful, it doesn’t matter if I’m thick or thin. I want you to admire my perfect tail curve!

whatever you say cat wants treats


4 Shades Of Kajsa

Am I looking like a lady here?

cat looks affective

Well, at least sometimes I’m ladylike, but I’m also the sporty type.

cat makes funny moves in a box

I hardly ever show my belly, but it’s a very effective move to get Mom’s attention. NB: don’t overdo it – I flash my belly maybe 2-3 times a year.

cat shows her belly in a box

I’m normally an introvert cat, but sometimes I love going crazy.

crazy looking cat in a box


Sigh. Why is the last picture bigger than the others? I wished I had a servant who had at least basic photo editing skills. I hope my portfolio is good enough to show you that I’m a very beautiful and multifaceted cat!


Table Manners For Cats

Kajsa and Tessa have lived with me for over 2 years now. Kajsa was very shy when I first met her, but she’s much more relaxed now. However, some things stay the same: in the opposite to Tessa, she normally doesn’t sit down when she’s eating.

shy cat eats always on the go

Is this a matter of taste (hehe)? How do your cats eat? I wonder whether Kajsa is always ready to flee while being in a vulnerable situation?



Selective Hearing

Kajsa is not a lap cat – no, she wants me to lay down to occupy my chest.

cat is sitting on my chest and listens to what I've to say

What I really love about her is that she’ll always turn her ear toward me when I tell her my worries.

Cat listens carefully to my problem

Which of course doesn’t mean that she ever listens when I try to discipline her, hehe.


Advice wanted: what to do with Lady Indecision?

Warning: long text for a short question, hehe.

It’s been over a year since we moved from a semi-detached house with a garden to an apartment building. Don’t get confused, we moved this spring again, but our current place is quite alike the former apartment house.

Kajsa hasn’t been outside ever since we left the single-family house. Why? Well, she never made it to the groundplan because she couldn’t make up her mind in the staircase (the house has no elevator). I admit that I often run short of patience; I normally waited for 15 minutes (felt like hours) before I gave up. However, lack of patience was not the reason we never got to the first floor. One day, we were for over an hour in the staircase, but then some neighbor came home and Kajsa fled to our apartment. It’s actually a miracle that we had the staircase for ourselves for over an hour. I figured that unless I go out with Kajsa in the middle of the night (when all neighbors are sleeping), we’ll never ever come to the next stop that requires heavy thinking: the front door. Sigh.

Tessa has been out with me several times, and Kajsa knows where we are because she watched us from the window. I was nevertheless uncertain whether she actually understands what is waiting for her beyond the d**** staircase. I carried her twice to the transparent front door, thinking that she may get out when she sees the park behind our house. Well. She was interested but her indecision required so much time that our neighbors decided for her: she runs in panic to our apartment as soon as someone else is in the staircase.

There’s another problem here: when she’s running up the stairs, she’s way faster than me which in turn multiplies her anxiety because the leash is stopping her. As a result, she’s now afraid of the leash. Sigh.

Some weeks ago, I decided to give it a last try: I carried her all the way out. Don’t get me wrong – it’s of course fine if Kajsa doesn’t want to go out. Thing is, she wants to go out, but her indecision makes it impossible to ever get to this point. She was really mad at me in the staircase, she hissed, tried to escape and started growling like a very dangerous dog. However, once we were in the park, she actually loved being outside.

She wasn’t hiding, but got up to have a better view. She was really exploring, went way longer than Tessa and tried to chase birds. After 1,5 hours (!) she took a break. Can’t really see a very unhappy panicky cat on this picture either.

So what to do with our Queen of Indecision? We had the same ride the next time we went out. A crazy cat fearing for her life in the staircase, and a very happy cat outside.

Now I’m the one with an indecision issue. Shall I continue forcing her out? I’m feeling like a very bad person in the staircase, but I also feel like doing the right thing once we’re in the park.


Summary: she’s very afraid and totally crazy while I carry her out. Once we’re outside, she’s very happy. We’ll never get to the point that she slowly gets herself out because she needs too much time: we’d need at least 5 hours until we’re outside, and we’ll never have the staircase to ourselves for such a long time. When a neighbor is in the staircase, she goes crazy. So there’s no other way than carrying her out.

What would you do?


Tail Index

The great thing about our catio is that Kajsa can celebrate her in-or-out indecision for hours because Mom doesn’t get annoyed – at least as long as it’s not too cold.

Over the last weeks, Kajsa elaborated different stages in her decision-making process: here she’s come quite far, but part of her tail is still inside!


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