Advice wanted: what to do with Lady Indecision?

Warning: long text for a short question, hehe.

It’s been over a year since we moved from a semi-detached house with a garden to an apartment building. Don’t get confused, we moved this spring again, but our current place is quite alike the former apartment house.

Kajsa hasn’t been outside ever since we left the single-family house. Why? Well, she never made it to the groundplan because she couldn’t make up her mind in the staircase (the house has no elevator). I admit that I often run short of patience; I normally waited for 15 minutes (felt like hours) before I gave up. However, lack of patience was not the reason we never got to the first floor. One day, we were for over an hour in the staircase, but then some neighbor came home and Kajsa fled to our apartment. It’s actually a miracle that we had the staircase for ourselves for over an hour. I figured that unless I go out with Kajsa in the middle of the night (when all neighbors are sleeping), we’ll never ever come to the next stop that requires heavy thinking: the front door. Sigh.

Tessa has been out with me several times, and Kajsa knows where we are because she watched us from the window. I was nevertheless uncertain whether she actually understands what is waiting for her beyond the d**** staircase. I carried her twice to the transparent front door, thinking that she may get out when she sees the park behind our house. Well. She was interested but her indecision required so much time that our neighbors decided for her: she runs in panic to our apartment as soon as someone else is in the staircase.

There’s another problem here: when she’s running up the stairs, she’s way faster than me which in turn multiplies her anxiety because the leash is stopping her. As a result, she’s now afraid of the leash. Sigh.

Some weeks ago, I decided to give it a last try: I carried her all the way out. Don’t get me wrong – it’s of course fine if Kajsa doesn’t want to go out. Thing is, she wants to go out, but her indecision makes it impossible to ever get to this point. She was really mad at me in the staircase, she hissed, tried to escape and started growling like a very dangerous dog. However, once we were in the park, she actually loved being outside.

She wasn’t hiding, but got up to have a better view. She was really exploring, went way longer than Tessa and tried to chase birds. After 1,5 hours (!) she took a break. Can’t really see a very unhappy panicky cat on this picture either.

So what to do with our Queen of Indecision? We had the same ride the next time we went out. A crazy cat fearing for her life in the staircase, and a very happy cat outside.

Now I’m the one with an indecision issue. Shall I continue forcing her out? I’m feeling like a very bad person in the staircase, but I also feel like doing the right thing once we’re in the park.


Summary: she’s very afraid and totally crazy while I carry her out. Once we’re outside, she’s very happy. We’ll never get to the point that she slowly gets herself out because she needs too much time: we’d need at least 5 hours until we’re outside, and we’ll never have the staircase to ourselves for such a long time. When a neighbor is in the staircase, she goes crazy. So there’s no other way than carrying her out.

What would you do?


Tail Index

The great thing about our catio is that Kajsa can celebrate her in-or-out indecision for hours because Mom doesn’t get annoyed – at least as long as it’s not too cold.

Over the last weeks, Kajsa elaborated different stages in her decision-making process: here she’s come quite far, but part of her tail is still inside!


Indecision saved the cat

So what was Kajsa’s reaction to Tessa’s adventure? Of course she had to inspect this very compelling pile of banana boxes, too.

Trouble is – we call her Queen of Indecision for a reason… Will she or will she not follow Tessa’s lead?

Watch the video on YouTube if the embedded video doesn’t work.


Dreamy Tree Day

I was just enjoying summer in our wonderful garden.

cat lives in a tree

Everything was under control.

cat loves trees

Wait. What do you mean with that we’re moving houses???

cute cat in a tree

WAIT. Why is this posting posted in AUTUMN?

Dear feline friends, we’re – again – ashamed and terrible sorry for this long break.

Mom’s this weird thing going on in her head: the blog was offline for such a long time, that’s why she needs to come up with some great posts, and that’s why she needs more time to write them, and that’s why ….

You, know, humans…. sigh. She started this post in August. And needed 2,5 months to look at the photos until I took over. So regular and normal posts from now on, hallelujah.

kajsa nov2015

On the closet

Kajsa spends her holiday on this wonderful closet, and she’s even trained Mom to play with her there.

cat plays on wardrobe

Indeed, a flying Valerian mousie is always welcome.

cat plays on closet

cat loves to play on closet

We wonder when she’s “coming out of the closet”, as we suspect that she’s pondering over a great master strategy. And of course she had to rest a lot, too – the last weeks in Finland were very exhausting. Thank you for asking, King P., we’ll write more posts on the new apartment and moving soon!

tessa und kajsa nov2015

Should I stay or should I go

Oh, in case you were wondering why I only showed pictures of Tessa yesterday: Kajsa spends most of her outside time on the doorstep, trying to decide whether she wants to go out. She needed about 30 minutes from the first to the last picture on this post.

cat has difficulties to decide if she wants to go out

She usually stands on three legs with her 4th paw in the air, uncertain if she wants to complete this step or turn around and go inside.

cat and indecision

cat can't decide

cats are poor decision-makers

cats can't decide what they want

Although Kajsa drives me crazy with her indecision, I also appreciate her slow approach: she never manages to go on “smaller excursions” of her own, in the opposite to a certain long-haired cat.

mommy nov2015

Conservative Cuteness – FAIL!

Oh my cat, I’m so embarrassed. I was sleeping, and all the sudden I was laying on my back letting my belly fur breathe. And it gets worse – I was in the same room as Mom! This evil woman wanted to make my humiliation public and got her camera. What a relief that I woke up in the very last second – literally speaking. She took this picture 0,567 seconds too late.

cat doesnt want me to take pictures

You can still see my horror, but my belly is safe. Phew. So this was the third time Mom got to see my beautiful belly, and I’ll do my best to never show it to her again.


Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Conservative Cuteness, Episode 5

Featured Paw Edition

Oh, this silly human of mine goes always crazy when she sees my left hind paw – she simply can’t get enough of this brown spot on my pink paw pad. You see, I really don’t have to show my belly to make her go nuts.

my cat has cute spots on her paws

However, she’s sometimes worried that the brown spot could be cancer, and she wants to show it to the vet at our annual check. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. She wants what?? Show the vet my paw pad? I’m still laughing – I’m looking forward to a bloody battle.

Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Conservative Cuteness, Episode 4

Ankle Edition

Feline Friends! Remember – human bodies are not very flexible. You can easily impress them by putting your legs in seemingly “weird” positions. Bonus points when you show at least one paw.

I cant resist the paws of my cat

Mom can’t understand how I placed my legs (yes, you can see all of them here) – and of course she starts squeaking.

Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Conservative Cuteness, Episode 3

Enough is enough. Tessa has been flashing her belly a lot in the last time, bah. Do you even remember my Conservative Cuteness series? In short: I’ve shown my belly only twice to Mom, but I know a lot of positions to make her squeak.

I proudly present today’s Paws-crossed Edition

paws crossed


Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

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