Kajsa vs Tessa

Who let the cats out, who who who

It was me!
cat enjoying our gardenI did something pretty unusual – I took my girls out without thinking too much. I know there are proper leash training guides, but I decided to go with my guts. We just go out, and I’m learning by doing. And now I’m going wild – I didn’t even come up with proper routines. Ok, there’s one: they’ll always get their beloved dry food afterwards; I want them to look forward to something when they get in.

Well, “they” is an exaggeration. (more…)

Tessa’s 15 minutes of fame

Tessa writing.

bird perspective on catsI just had to take over today, because you hurt me. Yes, YOU! All of you! You’re happy that Kajsa is getting better, but what about me? I was actually quite satisfied with Kajsa when she was sick. She didn’t boss me around AND I had Mamma for myself. Now I’m under her paw again and Mamma isn’t solely playing with me. Bah.

cat uses trash can as litter trayI made sure I had my big moment though. Mamma was cleaning the litter trays, and again, she wasn’t considering my needs. I decided that I had to pee when Mamma had emptied the last tray. I know, we cats aren’t known for being flexible, but I think it’s more important to confuse humans: it’s dangerous when they think that they’ve understood us felines. So I decided to be flexible. My litter tray is where my litter is, so I climbed on the trash can and peed. It was the perfect timing – long enough for Mamma to stare in disbelief, short enough for a picture. I also made sure to throw some litter on the floor that Mamma had just cleaned. So yes, I was quite satisfied with myself.

Mamma: P.S. Kajsa is back to normal today. She’s been playing with her ball, bossing Tessa around and stressing me a lot. She’s still eating more than she normally does, but that’s great, because she is no big eater.

My doggy cat: Kajsa’s most favorite game

Kajsa is a great cat for lazy servants. She likes to sit on my belly for hours, and you don’t even need to move when she wants to play: she’s a bit of a dog, because she likes to fetch balls.

In case you’re wondering what I’m saying: (Urg. Isn’t it always awful to hear your own voice on tape?)
tuu tänne – come here
hyvä(ä) – good , well done

Poor Tessa understands tuu tänne, but she doesn’t get the idea of the game. You can see her in the end of the video, she looks confused.


A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. 52 Snapshots of Life is a Weekly Themed Photo Challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull . This week’s topic is Play.

Late at night when Mamma is sleeping…

Austin from Austin Towers gave Kajsa and Tessa an important advice:

Take it from me! Never underestimate a human!! Was my big mistake!

Tonight, Kajsa and Tessa taught me a lesson: never underestimate a cat!

I was profoundly convinced that they couldn’t open zippers. I was also sure that they would stay away from this bag.  (more…)

Weekly review – week 18 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

Our first week together

Tada! I’m proud – I only freaked out once this week, because Tessa was gagging a couple of times. Apart from that, we were enjoying some precious moments and a parcel full of gifts and treats! This was definitely Tessa’s week: she stole treats and styled my hair. The A to Z challenge ended on Thursday and I took a break yesterday; I needed a blog-free day. I promised to write about Tessa and the stove, but I’ll catch up next week.

Our relationship has improved: (more…)

W as in Whisper. Precious moments

Some moments are so sweet that I try to be as silent as possible. That’s also why I don’t have pictures of the cutest.

I should have never gotten cats; I’m far too soft-hearted. I really wanted to be on the sofa, but Kajsa was so sweet that I just couldn’t wake her. Pay attention to the phone – she finally managed to get it for herself! (more…)

Weekly Review – week 17 (2015) and Sunday Selfie

The week of the year!

I suddenly felt that I wasn’t prepared for my cats, and continued catifying my home. It really was a Wordless Wednesday: I thought that I could take my girls home, but I wanted to wait for the vet’s opinion. It was hard to go home without them, and I wrote about my shelter experiences. Thursday was finally Gotcha Day! It’s only April, but I’m sure it was my most favorite day of 2015. Everything went fine, but I freaked out when Tessa denied her food. She finally ate something after I had asked the shelter for advice. (more…)

T as in Today. My cats came home!

I was so excited when I went to the shelter today! Some drama at the shelter, because I was cleaning their ears. Oh my, they were really dirty! I’ll continue cleaning them at home, but we also need to come to the shelter once a week. They didn’t like the carriers at all, but you were right, the size was ok. Poor Tessa was meowing all the way home, Kajsa was silent. (more…)

Meet my girls Tessa and Kajsa!

getting to know my catsSo who are these girls I fell in love with? The vet assumes they’re 3-6 years old. We don’t know what happened to them. They were found about 250 km (155 miles) from my hometown. The shelter says that they’re a bit shy and need a lot of patience. (more…)

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