Kajsa vs Tessa

Intruders and traitors

They call me Closet Cat because they think that I’m the sole ruler of Granny’s closet. I wished this was true.

cat gets disturbed on closet

Tessa for example hasn’t quite understood what sole ruler means, and claims the closet to herself when I’m busy with other duties. And no, the closet IS NOT big enough for both of us, Mom. 

Cats fight about closet

However, Tessa is not the worst intruder. Hiding is not helping me, Mom takes this *#*§’* chair to fetch me. She says that we need to get brushed regularly in summer time because we’re loosing so much hair. Bah.

cat gets disturbed in hiding place

  1. How could she possibly see me??
  2. Granny told us that Mom was like me as a child: she hated brushing, and would hide as soon as she saw Granny with a brush. So why on earth is she now betraying her own vows?

kajsa nov2015

About Hippie And Conservative Cats

Feline Friends, do you sometimes feel that you don’t get the privacy you need?

I was resting on my favorite chair in granny’s flat when those stupid humans got excited. Granny and Mom had talked about our sleeping habits earlier: whilst Tessa sleeps in all possible and impossible positions, I prefer to be… eh… more “conservative“. Hippie Tessa may shamelessly flash her belly, but I want to keep control.

cat laying on her back

Apart from this one weak moment. Granny – what a traitor!!! – called Mom and took pictures!! Bah.

cat perfect body shape

It took Mom 2 months to discover that I’ve a brown belt on my white tummy (you can see it on the first picture). She was so happy to show it to granny. Eh?? They ARE really hopeless, those humans.

kajsa nov2015

Private bouncer

Oh, what I forgot to mention yesterday: the black cat incident happened before Kajsa dared to go out as well. She’s now a regular in our garden. Definitely bad news for the black cat because he tried to “make friends” with her as well. Let’s put it that way – I’ve never seen him in our garden after that. He doesn’t even pass our house when we’re outside: he’s either changing his route or running away as soon as he sees Kajsa.

both cats outside

I’m a bit surprised that she scared him off as she’s much smaller. She has only threatened him once with an arched back, fluffy tail and growling. Oh King P., maybe Aila isn’t that bad after all?

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, summer and early autumn are gone, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

mommy nov2015

The white-brown knight

Tessa was of course first when we finally could use the second floor again. She’s always the braver one, and she loves to explore new places.

how do cats react to a new flat

Kajsa really surprised me. She usually makes herself as small as possible when she’s entering a new room. She’d never stand in the middle of a new room, but always hide for some time in a corner. Ok, she wasn’t as excited as Tessa, but look how self-conscious she is nowadays!

shy cat in a new flat

She’s of course still more careful than Tessa, and wants to inspect everything.

shy cat is becoming more self-concious

It makes me so happy to see her progress. This is a great success for us.

work with shy cats

mommy nov2015

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

Step By Step

cat loves to be in staircaseWe were so exited when we got our staircase back – oh, yes, guess how much we hated this construction work.

Tessa was as always the first one to explore – as I said, curiosity killed the long-haired cat. She’s typically more interested in the big stuff – so she was running up and down, because she loves stairs.

I was of course more careful – never trust a human. Or anyone for that matter. So I was very busy that night – I had to sniff everywhere and mark my territory. Again. Sigh. Why do humans think that paint smells better than me?? Oh, and no, I’m not leaving peemails: I’m scent marking with my cheeks and paws.

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

kajsa nov2015

Rush hour

cats fighting over window spot


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The green armchair

Why this place is better than ours, Part I

I know, Kajsa said that she wants to go home, but I’m not too sure. One of the great benefits of our vacation home is its variety of furniture. Dear feline friends, do you have your own armchair? I’ve never seen a human sitting on this chair, so I assume that grandpa bought it for me.

cat has her own chair

It’s great that Mamma will ship this chair to Finland when we’re going back, because it’s rude to leave gifts behind, isn’t it?

cat on armchair

If only Kajsa understood that this is MY chair! Look at those evil eyes!! I think Mamma should protect me and make Kajsa go away! Mamma says that  (more…)

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