Kajsa vs Tessa

Post-Traumatic Stress

We’ve now reached the post part of our trauma as intruder K. has finally left our Queendom. We’re all dealing with the symptoms in our own way, and will keep Mom’s shrink employed for at least another year.

I’m really exhausted.


Mom’s again capture-bonded and suffering from the Stockholm syndrome as she’s very sad that K. left. I’m glad that Kajsa isn’t exhausted, but behaving like a toddler and throwing tantrums.


She wants to play a lot and keeps Mom busy… which is great because I get to sleep and Mom has no time being sad.


tessa nov2015

Wicked Plot

Tessa and Kajsa keep a polite distance most of the time, but they need each other as well. They hardly ever share a spot, but when they do, I get nervous. Kajsa was first on the coat rack, and she’d normally not allow Tessa to join her.


I’m sure they’ve a good reason to break The Iron Cat Law , and I’m shivering in anticipation – what’re they up to??



mommy nov2015

Enhanced Working Conditions

I admit that Tessa knows how to exploit Mom’s addiction to fur and warmth. However, Tessa’s paying a high prize because she endures physical contact. I again invented an improved concept for making Mom stay on the sofa.


The blanket protects me from human smells and intimacy while I’ve still full control of her body. And look at the shape of my den – cozy and alike expensive cat beds Mom would never buy for us.


Oh yes. You may call me Feline Sapiens now.

kajsa nov2015

It’s been a hard day’s night

…. and we’d been working like a cat. You can’t imagine how much work moving is. Our duties were enormous.

Of course I was helping with the screens we showed yesterday. Who said that cats don’t like noisy construction work? At least I’m brave, hard-working and reliable… in the opposite to a certain other cat who spent many hours under Mom’s bed.


There was also a lot of paperwork to be done


I had to make sure that Mom takes enough breaks

cat sleeps on me

We were a great team, because Kajsa again kept Mom on her toes. She’s very afraid of spiders, so Kajsa only had to sneak behind Mom and tickle her with whiskers.

whiskers cat

And of course we had to acknowledge any new furniture.



Oh yes, a kitty’s work never ends. You should think that we deserved pouch food and a lot of treats, but Mom didn’t seem to appreciate our long working hours. Pffffft. Humans.


tessa nov2015

Feigned innocence

So Tessa thinks she’s a very smart cat, but I’m not only more beautiful, but also the master brain in this house. Tessa is far more playful, and it’s normally her who’s playing pranks. However, I often manage to fool Mom and make her blame Tessa for my mischief.

Mom heard a metallic sound in the bathroom and knew immediately that Tessa was playing with one of her favorite toys, the shower drain cover. I’m just walking casually in the bathroom, but Tessa is hiding and very interested in the drain strainer. Mom assumes that she’s hiding for her next attack.

ich wars nicht katze

Bad luck that Mom accidentally took a picture on her way to the bathroom. This photo shows the crime scene 3 seconds earlier… Tessa isn’t in the bathroom at all! And Mom got hard proof and can identify the perpetrator on this piece of evidence. Humph.

katze spielt mit abflusssieb

It was only because she was going trough her pictures that she saw what really happened. Bah. Surveillance state??


kajsa nov2015

Intruders and traitors

They call me Closet Cat because they think that I’m the sole ruler of Granny’s closet. I wished this was true.

cat gets disturbed on closet

Tessa for example hasn’t quite understood what sole ruler means, and claims the closet to herself when I’m busy with other duties. And no, the closet IS NOT big enough for both of us, Mom. 

Cats fight about closet

However, Tessa is not the worst intruder. Hiding is not helping me, Mom takes this *#*§’* chair to fetch me. She says that we need to get brushed regularly in summer time because we’re loosing so much hair. Bah.

cat gets disturbed in hiding place

  1. How could she possibly see me??
  2. Granny told us that Mom was like me as a child: she hated brushing, and would hide as soon as she saw Granny with a brush. So why on earth is she now betraying her own vows?

kajsa nov2015

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