Kajsa vs Tessa

Disaster Tourism

You know the feeling when you’re holding your breath because you simply KNOW that something big is going to happen?!?

Tessa actually had a second exit from the hat rack, but chose to run over Kajsa. I was very surprised and looking forward to an entertaining chase (am I a bad person?) …

Well, I guess this serves me right.


foolish servant to cats

I spy with my little eye

a ghost lives in our closet


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The Opportunist

Guess it’s departure day … Our human is stressed out and tries to remember a thousand things. Kajsa is already hiding under the sofa, but I take advantage of the situation. I’m an opportunist and I know that our human is way too distracted to pay attention to me.

So while my human is packing, I’m unpacking her bag. I’m sure these treats want to travel in my stomach to Finland!

can't pack my bag because of my cat


Conservative Cuteness: S-Tail Edition

Granny’s green armchair is also this year a hot spot. While Tessa feels a need to sleep in an indecent yoga position, I remain true to myself and keep up the art of Conservative Cuteness. Some of you may remember that I hardly ever show my belly, but prefer being cute with dignity.

I would die for my cat


Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Almost Like Home

We traveled also this year over Christmas to my family in Germany. We’ll stay for another week until we return to Finland.

We kicked my father out and turned the master bedroom into a girls-only-zone. My mother may sleep here at night (if she behaves), but the bedroom is Little Finland during the day. I watch movies, Tessa occupies my feet and Kajsa rules over the closet with an iron paw.

Oh, don’t be fooled because you can hardly see her – her ear notices any of Tessa’s moves and she’ll defend her spot without mercy.

i can find a cat by her ears

“Eh hello? Kajsa isn’t always the closet’s autoc(r)at!”

cats fight about wardrobe


Box Boxing

Kajsa here. I know that my indecision drives my human crazy, but I sometimes suffer from it as well. Mom came home with a very appealing box the other day. I was of course carefully considering whether it’s safe to go inside, but Tessa occupied the box immediately.

Ikea Samla box Ikea Hack

I had a closer look and decided that I also wanted to sit inside.

cats want the same box

Can you tell that I’m annoyed? Obviously, Tessa doesn’t understand feline because she should see from my ears that I do not approve of her squatting.

cat twists her ears to show that she's angry

Hmpf. Maybe I’ll try to attack her from behind?

cat ponders how to chase other cat from a box

Finally! Oh, I love this box! How very thoughtful of our human to buy a box and a bath mat! Oh yes, we cats love bath mats for a number of reasons. So comfy to sit on, so good to barf on!

Ikea transparent box is great for cats

A perfect day. So glad Mom bought this box and bath mat only for us! I also like its location – the middle of the dining table is an excellent spot to hang out! She sure won’t move the box to another spot or use it for something else now that we’ve showed that we like it alot!


Robbery In Plain Sight

You know how humans go crazy before they get visitors? When they’re obsessed with cleaning?

Why my cat loves when I clean

Kajsa is very afraid of vacuum cleaners. She’ll usually hide somewhere in a lair, mortally terrified. I again discovered the benefits of Mom’s cultural roots: nothing can stop her when she’s cleaning the German way; she’s completely lost in her own world, especially under time pressure.

The perfect opportunity to look out for my favorite toy, hehe. Mom’s so stressed that she doesn’t see me, and the vacuum cleaner is so noisy that she can’t hear me.

damn cat chews on phone chargers

Oh, and it’s not only for pleasure! I really did my best to prevent The Sister From Hell from invading our place: Mom run out of extra chargers, and her phone died when she was on her way to the terminal. Unfortunately, she spotted her sister without calling her. Bah. I thought I could count on Mom’s face blindness, but apparently she spend most of her life with this person.


Kamikaze Catwalk

Tessa here. Mom was so happy when she read all your compliments on our Catwalk. She sure did a good job, BUT I want to point out that I’m the chief designer!

Here’s Mom’s original version: two wall shelves, connected with some sort of weird bridge. Kajsa was very interested. Many of you know that we call her the Queen of Indecision as she’s very careful and needs a lot of time to make up her mind.

This picture is Kajsa in a nutshell: she stands on 3 legs, moving one foreleg forward, pretending to take the next step…

… only to take her paw back.

And forward. And back. And forward. And maybe, or maybe not, go one step. She was standing there for over an hour, moving her foreleg back and forth, until she decided that it’s not safe to walk on this bridge. At least for now. After a small break, she can continue with her decision-making progress for another hour.

Our human doesn’t take Kajsa’s indecision issues seriously as Kajsa always needs a lot of time to make up her mind. When she finally left the lower shelf, it was my turn to inspect Mom’s work. (Sigh. It’s not only our human who’s running out of patience when it gets to indecisive cats!) I had a look at the bridge, put 1 foot on it, and knew immediately that it won’t carry me. I left. Done.

When Mom saw me turning away, she knew that she’d have to come up with a different solution. So here’s what you saw yesterday: 3 wall shelves.

What did I say? I’m the chief designer! Ok, Mom frames it slightly differently, “if kamikaze cat is concerned about the Laws of Physics, it has to be really dangerous”, but the result is the same. I’m the chief designer. Now, where’s my paycheck?


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