General thoughts on cats

Shaved Legs

Ever since Mom has seen pictures of Sphynx* cats, she’s been wondering how our skin looks like. However, we never thought she’d go so far to shave us!! Oh, the horror when we discovered that the evil vet did not only steal parts of our teeth, but also fur!

shaved legs of cat for anesthesia

Our human says the vet shaved our legs because we needed infusions, but we’re not convinced. Maybe this vet has a secret additional income by selling our warm, soft, delicate and most beautiful fur?! We should at least get a big paycheck for all the hours we’ve spent washing our fur to keep it smooth and fluffy!

vet shaves long-haired cat for surgery

Our silly human is still wondering about our skin color. We’ve both white skin, and so do all cats Mom has ever met. Some Sphynx and Peterblad cats have darker skin colors, but have you ever met a cat with dark skin (except Peterblad and Sphynx cats)?


*In case you’ve never heard of Sphynx / Peterblad cats: a cat breed without fur


Are you afraid that someone could steal your cat?

I know, most of you celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it’s also Pet Theft Awareness Day.

It’s unlikely that someone steals a normal domestic cat. However, I’m afraid that someone could keep my girls if they showed up on their doorstep. I’m for once not hysterical, but realistic: Do you remember Jeanny, the tortie cat of my friend Ashley?

do people steal catsJeanny disappeared for several weeks last year. Ashley learned eventually that Jeanny had moved in to another family. Can you believe that they had bought a scratch tree, toys and tons of food? They thought that Jeanny was a stray. And yes, Jeanny is microchipped, but they had never heard of microchipping.

We can probably agree upon that this family is lame – it’s common sense to contact a vet or shelter when you find a pet. However, it’s a fact that most people have never heard of microchipping. Tessa and Kajsa have additionally a small tatoo in their ears, but it’s hard to see it.

I’ve written my phone number on their harnesses, as well as Help, I’m not an outdoor cat. I attached a capsule with my name and number. I also enclosed a lie as most people don’t want to take care of special needs pets: I’ve diabetes and need medicine every day. Please contact my human or a vet as soon as you read this. I know, it’s neurotic, but it calms me down. However, I don’t want them to wear a collar all the time, so my precautions don’t help if they manage to get out without their harnesses.

And Jeanny? Her “new family” couldn’t understand that Ashley didn’t want to sell Jeanny to them. They still take care of  her. Jeanny has been an indoor-outdoors cat for over 12 years, and of course she didn’t agree to become an inside cat. So Ashley has accepted that Jeanny has now two families – and Jeanny is happy, because she loves both.

mommy nov2015

Q as in Questions. Why do I never feel prepared?

Ah! 2 days to go, and I’m very close to freaking out. On the one hand, I can’t wait until the day after tomorrow (!), on the other hand, I feel so unprepared! I still need to fix so many things, and my perfectionist behavior is driving me crazy.

This has been a VERY long adoption process, so why on earth do I not feel prepared? (more…)

N as in Nobody Home. Do you have an emergency back-up plan for your cats?

Huh huh. Do you remember that I felt bad on Tuesday? It actually started already on Monday. I had some stomach ache, but I didn’t pay too much attention. I was sure my symptoms were psychosomatic, even though I felt really bad on Tuesday. As my pain got worse, I called the health center on Wednesday morning. The nurse told me to see a doctor immediately. (more…)

F as in Food. A Beginner’s Guide To High Quality Cat Food

Ok, this is a tough one. First, it’s a very controversial topic. Second, I’m close to calling the shelter and tell them that I don’t want to have cats anymore. Well, not really, but the process of finding high quality food was really time-consuming and unnerving.

Keep in mind: I’m only a beginner myself. These are just my experiences after spending many hours searching for high quality cat food. There’s tons of information about cat food, and it’s really hard to understand its components. So here are advices for beginners. (more…)

Spoilt for choice: what’s in a name?

I’m wondering if I should rename my blog to When sanity’s away, hysteria will play? Oh my. Thank you for still reading here. I’ve calmed down. I’ll still get checked out, even though I don’t think I’m allergic to cats. However, it’s an easy and reliable test, and I won’t have to worry anymore. I talked with the shelter about allergies yesterday, because I didn’t know that a cat allergy can also cause rashes. They asked me today how I felt and want me to get tested. I agree with them. I’d be really awful if the cats came home and needed to be replaced again.

Drama is my second name. (more…)

Inside and outdoor cats

Øyhoppertur Mevær Fleinvær 14Sigh. I’m still a bit down because I’ll probably get indoor cats. Let me be clear: I know that indoor cats can be very happy (and outdoor cats unhappy). I also know that there’ll be a lot of advantages: indoor cats are safer and live longer. The risk of expensive vet costs diminishes. I don’t need to deal with ticks and other disgusting animals on a daily basis. It will give me a great peace of mind knowing where my cats are. I neither need to worry about cars nor crazy neighbors.

Here’s the problem: it just is not what I had imagined. One of the reasons why I wanted to have cats was independence and equality: (more…)

Cat laws regulating outdoor cats

This posting was supposed to be the last post sharing my general thoughts on getting a cat. I wanted to reflect on why I will let my cats go outside. My outdoor criterium was also why I couldn’t get cats from my local animal shelter: you may not adopt a cat without signing a contract that you will keep the cat as an indoor cat. The staff didn’t give any concrete reasons and mumbled something about their general policy. I’m a bit disappointed about their lacking communication, because I now know why the shelter prevents their cats becoming outdoor cats. (more…)

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