Cats and mental health

Wakey Wakey 2018 !

cat lays on human in the morning to get her to get up

Mom? Don’t get mad, I’m just doing my job as a social worker: it’s very important for your mental health that you get up in time!

P.S. I also wanted to remind you about your New Year’s Resolution – to bring our blog to life again. We’re very sorry for our absence – you know, humans….


When the cat is away Blog

Selective Hearing

Kajsa is not a lap cat – no, she wants me to lay down to occupy my chest.

cat is sitting on my chest and listens to what I've to say

What I really love about her is that she’ll always turn her ear toward me when I tell her my worries.

Cat listens carefully to my problem

Which of course doesn’t mean that she ever listens when I try to discipline her, hehe.


Tessa the builder

Some days after moving to our new place, I discovered something I’d rather not seen: a leaking water pipe in the kitchen. The following construction work drove me nuts, but surprisingly, the cats coped rather well.

I totally got Tessa’s excitement when our new kitchen arrived (mind you, after 6 weeks without a kitchen, I was very excited myself!).


However, I’ve to admit that I never understood why she was so fond of this very spot. She spent almost all her time there.

I know; cat logic, no idea to even bother, but I couldn’t stop wondering why on earth she was sitting there for many days. She never made a mess with the things around her, she was just relaxing on the concrete floor.

Anyway. She actually helped me a lot with her weird behavior. I was so stressed and annoyed by the construction work that I could do with some craziness. I normally had to laugh when I saw her and felt much better. So in a way I encouraged her sitting there, but I think she had another reason as well. A reason reasonable for cats.


Sometimes a belly is all you need

Tessa and Kajsa were helping me through a day full of anxiety attacks after bad news from my family today. They are very patient listeners, and oh they know how to comfort you: a purring cat on your chest, massaging your anxiety away, is hard to top.

However, there’s something magic about a belly of an excited cat that wallows in valerian.

Even if you’re not allowed to touch this beautiful belly.



My shrink decided to change my meds – which is probably a good idea in the long run, but not funny for the moment.

I’m so tired, but at the same time suffering from insomnia. I wished I could sleep through the night. Ok, this is one of the reasons my psychiatrist wanted to change my medication, so I can’t blame the transition of old to new meds for that.

My nursing staff is most excellent.

Warmth, love, coziness. Something to laugh about, and a reason to keep up. I’m lucky enough to have family and friends, but they don’t live with me. And they certainly don’t need me to go to the kitchen to feed them. It’s often hardest to get up, to do something at all, but when I’m already in the kitchen, I fix some food for me too.



These two pictures show the stairs at our old place. The staircase is very tight with walls on both sides and it was very difficult to move furniture. For some reason I thought that my bed would slide down the stairs if I “threw” it down. I removed the brown handrail and let the bed slide down the stairs.

Unfortunately it only got halfway. I couldn’t lift it anymore, and all my attempts to push it down made matters worse: the bed got stuck.

I was exhausted from moving, heat, quarrels and money problems. The *#$§”!** bed was stuck. I was locked on the second floor and in this very moment, I thought that I wouldn’t make it. I laid down on the floor and tried to call my friend, but I was crying so much that I couldn’t breathe. I had a very bad anxiety attack.

Two things happened while I was crying on the floor. Kajsa was sniffing at my tears, licked some of them away, sat down on my chest and started purring. Her purring always calms me down. Anxiety feels worse in my chest: like I can’t breathe anymore, that a very heavy weight is on my chest. Kajsa’s purring is vibrant and feels like a massage. I always imagine that she’s kneading anxiety away from my chest when she sits there and purrs.

I was about calming down when we both heard a sound.

Tessa was meowing and very very excited. She had been downstairs and wanted to know what’s going on upstairs – only to discover a fantastic climbing object and scratch tree in the staircase. She was so happy and excited that I just had to start laughing instead of crying.

I let her climb the bed many times until I got a saw and solved the problem. Good thing that I didn’t want to take the bed to our new place!


Status Quo: diarrhea, ear infection and mental illness

Mamma had one of her nightmares the other day. She was at the psychiatric hospital where she stayed for three months last year. The nurses had taken us away, because Mamma didn’t take care of us. Well, she did, but her house was such a mess, that the psychiatrists decided that Mamma couldn’t take care of herself, and certainly not of her cats. This nightmare never seemed to stop; she was cleaning all the time, but it wasn’t good enough. Tessa and I were lonely and on death row, and Mamma was exhausted and distressed. She tried to smuggle us somewhere in a parcel, but the nurses controlled all her bags and boxes.

I think the nurses sound very evil; I want to bite them and pee on their beds. Mamma says that it’s really bad to be on psychiatric ward, but the nurses weren’t evil. Mamma didn’t know her own best when she was there, and that’s why they decided everything for her, even though Mamma didn’t agree. (more…)

V as in Vulnerable. We’re getting to know each other

cat wakes me upSo who was at 7 am alive and in a good mood? All of us! Ok, you knew that they wouldn’t die tonight, but it’s a miracle that I was in a good mood at this time of the day. Kajsa is the best alarm I’ve ever had. Ok, sorry Mom, you were great as well, but you weren’t so cozy! She was again waking me up at 6.55 (she really has a great sense of time!), and she was so gentle! She carefully touched my face with her nose and paws, and started to pet me. She became so happy when I opened my eyes, and we cuddled for some time. This is really great – keeping my day rhythm is crucial to my mental health, and they’re really helping me to get up! (more…)

Weekly review – week 16 (2015), Sunday Selfie and Blog Award

My crazy week

Team Shelter had a really eventful week. I was very ill and crossed my limits. I was at the emergency room, but I could go home after a long day. I cut all my aloe vera plants, because I wanted to avoid that my cats need emergency treatment. I was worried about the power balance between my cats, but Tessa was very relaxed and showed off. Tessa was also easy-going when their cage was open, but Kajsa and I were overwhelmed.

In short: many things happened, but the real excitement is still ahead: THIS WAS MY LAST WEEK WITHOUT CATS! 3 days to go! (more…)

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