Cat vs dog

Cat vs dog 2:0

This dog training is going better than we thought. Intruder Boyfriend and Intruder Dog came over yesterday – our silly human hopes that we’ll all become friends eventually. Wonder what “eventually” means in her world? 20 years? Intruder Boyfriend and his stupid dog visited us several times over the last month, and we weren’t exactly nice to Intruder Dog.

But yesterday was a great day! When Intruder Dog got inside, our human felt nauseous – turned out that “number 2” was very liquid and all over his fur. Mr. Boyfriend got him to the balcony and closed the door. So the dog stayed outside in the snows while the humans discussed whether he should get to the vet. Intruder dog and boyfriend left after 30 minutes.

dog can't get in because he smells

Ha ha ha. Ok, Intruder Dog loves the cold and didn’t mind being on the balcony, but he got locked out! Seems like our human finally understood that dogs aren’t pets?

Now that’s a compromise we can live with – Intruder Dog may stay on the balcony as long as it’s cold, but he better finds another prison over summer.


Teaching Intruder Dog A Lesson

You can’t imagine the smell in our castle when we returned. How could our human let a dog live here?! We were sniffing and marking our territory for hours. Of course only with our cheeks and paws; no urine – at least this time (yes, that’s a warning, human!).

Intruder Dog also played with one of our toys, a kickeroo. Our human says that she actually gave it to Intruder Dog (THE NERVE), but apparently forgot to tell his owner that “we” don’t want the kickeroo back. Bah. Just because we ignored it for over a year, doesn’t mean that she can give it away.

cat reacts to dogs smell

Kajsa made sure to claim the kickeroo back. Very important to teach both Intruder Dog and our Traitor Human a lesson – this kickeroo is ours. Kajsa even flashed her belly!!

We’re now afraid that Kajsa’s move wasn’t that clever after all. Our human said that she should give all our neglected toys to Intruder Dog – envy works apparently better than valerian. Bah.


Cat vs dog 1:0

In hindsight, we should have known that something “doggy” was going to happen. Our human normally orders our food and litter online and the latest shipment arrived 2 days prior to our departure. We were very curious when this box showed up among all cat items – a “Super Box” for dogs?!

cat steals dogs gifts

We weren’t allowed to touch it because it was “for somebody else”. However, Tessa somehow managed to get her teeth on it, hehe.

Dog got a present but cat took it

She didn’t only destroy the box, but got hold of some very interesting pouches with dog treats.

can cats eat dog treats

Hehehehehehehe. We sure taught Intruder Dog a lesson – the lamb sticks were gone before he arrived. And also our human got her share: she had to clean a rug on our departure day because we ate far too much lamb. Well, that serves her right, how dare she give our great manor house to a dog?!


Breaking news – Dangerous Burglary At Our Place

Oh My Cat

We found a very disturbing video on our human’s phone. This is OUR castle, what is this dog doing there ?!? He looks way too confident and satisfied with himself.

Strangely enough, our human doesn’t see any point in calling the police. Does this mean that she approves the intruder dog? OUTRAGEOUS!  When the cats are away, the dog will play ? We’re plotting revenge for our return – any good ideas?


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