Cat versus mouse

The other side of the story

Oh, just in case someone feels sorry for Mom because we reject baskets and three-floored cardboard houses: the story also goes the other way around.

I was thrilled when this wonderful box showed up.

cat cant get enough of boxes

It has the perfect size.

cat is very picky about boxes

… and I can continue working for James Bond.

cat hides in a box to observe

So what does she mean with “I need this box for something else” ??

surprised cat in a box


tessa nov2015

Wrap Around The Clock Tonight

Feline friends! It’s not always easy to be the dominant species of the world. Do you also feel sorry for your humans when you see them struggling? They may have thumbs, but their body is otherwise underdeveloped.

Our stupid human fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle. Sigh. It’s hard to believe that her body is so inflexible, and that her ankle can’t handle an ever so small fall. However, it’s not her fault that she didn’t get a perfect feline body. And to be fair, she’s helping us out with our thumb problem: she opens cans for us every day.

So we decided to forgive her for using our pillows to elevate her foot. We were also busy nursing her, one of us sat on her chest whilst the other observed her foot from the kitchen countertop (note Tessa in the background!).

sprained ankle and cats

It’s strange though, she didn’t appreciate our help when she changed bandages. Ok, maybe we got a bit too excited about this loooong cord, but we really just wanted to check if she had wrapped her ankle correctly! Bah. Ever heart of gratitude??

tessa und kajsa nov2015

A furry basketball match

This is me at one of my favorite spots at Granny’s place.

katzen wollen kleine plastikkörbe

Of course this silly human of mine started squeaking, and I admit that I loved the attention. So yes, I was very satisfied with myself in this wonderful basket: Mom and Granny admired me, and I could even sunbathe for some time in the morning.

katzen liebe kleine körbe

However, this doesn’t mean that Mom can just copy this spot at our place. She got me a similar basket, and placed it on a “sunny” (we live in Finland…) shelf.

cats are very picky

Can you believe that she even tried to get me interested with a treat?? She’s hopeless – of course I won’t use this basket! It’s important to keep humans on their toes, because it’s dangerous when they become too confident.

tessa nov2015

Conservative Cuteness – FAIL!

Oh my cat, I’m so embarrassed. I was sleeping, and all the sudden I was laying on my back letting my belly fur breathe. And it gets worse – I was in the same room as Mom! This evil woman wanted to make my humiliation public and got her camera. What a relief that I woke up in the very last second – literally speaking. She took this picture 0,567 seconds too late.

cat doesnt want me to take pictures

You can still see my horror, but my belly is safe. Phew. So this was the third time Mom got to see my beautiful belly, and I’ll do my best to never show it to her again.


Conservative Cuteness Series


kajsa nov2015

Curiosity Stretched The Cat

curiosity stretched the catWe live in an old house from 1890, and our neighbors are partly heating with firewood. It’s a pity that we don’t have one of those lovely old-fashioned masonry stoves in our apartment – we’d love to snuggle there. However, we DO get to share their wood shed, and of course Kajsa and I love being there.

If I only knew what was in the shed next door! Mom says that she’s no idea. The key is lost, and nobody has opened this shed for many many years.

Arg! Aren’t humans stupid??? I tried to get her interested, and had some suggestions:

  • A squirrel colony? Mom says she’s not interested in squirrels. Besides, she thinks it’s unlikely that they live in colonies.
  • A mouse colony then? Mom says that it’s sometimes better not to know things. Eh????
  • A treasure of gold and silver, from pirates or smugglers? Mom says that this is Finland. Highly unlikely.
  • An old murder mystery, a body, and our house will be cursed until we open the shed? Mom says I had too much cat nip. Bah.

Help me out here! Why are humans not curious enough to BREAK IN and find out?

She tried, she really tried.

An important note on selfies: don’t let your human take selfies when s/he doesn’t have a front-facing camera.

selfie ohne frontkamera geht nicht

You see, I was all the time in a perfect position for a great selfie, but SHE failed. Bah.

You wonder where the human is on this picture?
Hint 1: She’s laying on the side
Hint 2: She’s wearing a black shirt, a red scarf and a white cardigan.

kajsa nov2015

Cat4-001A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting is part of The Cat On My Head’s blog hop Selfie Sunday.

When the human’s away

Feline Friends! It’s about time that we’re going back to Finland tomorrow. Sure, it was great in Germany, but we had to share Mom with her human family. Oh yes, she did not only ignore our blog – can you believe that she’s been also doing other things than admiring us?!?

And the worse is yet to come: she spoke German, all the time. You innocent souls may wonder why this matters to us, but do you know how Germans call somebody cute? Little Mouse / Mousie. HumANilation at its best!!

Nooo, please, don’t call me that again …. Mäuschen … Sigh. I mean, do I look like a mouse, let alone a mousie?

unnerved cat

We can only pray that Mom won’t change the name of our blog!

kajsa nov2015

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