Cat versus mouse

Urgent parcels

Ahem. Mom, could you please stop whatever you’re doing and open these parcels asap?


What do you mean with “in an ideal world nobody would mess up mats either” ?? Are you suggesting that a) mats are as important as parcels and b) that I have anything to do with those silly playful rugs???

tessa nov2015

Family game

The dark and cold time reveals just how weird humans are. Here we’re, casually enjoying a family evening together. We’re carefully watching Mom playing a strange human game: to reassemble 1000 pieces to a picture which was already broken when she bought it.


We don’t understand why she’s so suspicious about our presence – turned out that she doesn’t trust us. What?? This is so unfair, just look at us, all innocent and cozy. Besides, even IF our innocent paws were involved in this game, why does she get upset when we destroy it again? After all, didn’t she buy the picture because she wants to spend time repairing it? We only wanted to make sure that she can keep repairing?


Granny lives in an apartment building in the center of a big city. Mom had the brilliant idea to take me for a walk to the basement because she thought I’d like to explore long corridors.

cats hate closed doors

Eh …. shouldn’t she know that we cats hate closed doors??? And that we love windows?? Total fail. After several attempts to make her open doors, I showed her in no uncertain terms that I had enough. Bah. A basement where people store a lot of stuff in boxes sounds fun, but not this stupid corridor. Honestly – what was she thinking???


tessa nov2015

Intruders and traitors

They call me Closet Cat because they think that I’m the sole ruler of Granny’s closet. I wished this was true.

cat gets disturbed on closet

Tessa for example hasn’t quite understood what sole ruler means, and claims the closet to herself when I’m busy with other duties. And no, the closet IS NOT big enough for both of us, Mom. 

Cats fight about closet

However, Tessa is not the worst intruder. Hiding is not helping me, Mom takes this *#*§’* chair to fetch me. She says that we need to get brushed regularly in summer time because we’re loosing so much hair. Bah.

cat gets disturbed in hiding place

  1. How could she possibly see me??
  2. Granny told us that Mom was like me as a child: she hated brushing, and would hide as soon as she saw Granny with a brush. So why on earth is she now betraying her own vows?

kajsa nov2015

The Brain Of Homo Sapiens

Yepp – Kajsa was photobombing with her whiskers yesterday!

Feline friends!

We all know that humans are weird, but the recent events at our holiday domicile are in a class of its own. Granny has a great sofa: perfect for two humans and two cats … IF the humans were sitting which is only fair as they’re so tall! However, both Mom and Granny are very egoistic: they lay down (why do they have beds then?) and force us to go away! This is an ongoing battle, we were already fighting for our rights in January!

Now, the real bummer: we had no idea that you can turn the sofa into a queen size bed!!!


cat disturbs me when i want to sleep


cat doesn't want to share sofa with me

Mom explained that “we” only need the sofa bed when “we” have overnight guests.

Eh what??? To make this one clear:

  1. Our humans complain that we take too much space
  2. They could significantly enlarge the sofa
  3. They say it’s only necessary when they’ve overnight guests
  4. Tessa and I are staying at Granny’s place for several weeks
  5. However, we aren’t considered overnight guests
  6. They say the sofa is too small for all of us

Any idea how they managed to get a sapiens behind their species?


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Cats vs Camera 1:1

Oh – I accidentally published this post! I wanted to write about our blog break before showing “normal posts” again. Well – now you got a picture of us anyways. The blog break will continue for some time: we’re in the middle of moving houses, and I’m very stressed. But don’t worry: we’re doing fine, and we’ll be back to blogging when we’ve settled down at our new place!

Victory! I finally got a nice picture of them together!

I got my cats on one picture

0,0009 seconds later:

cats dont like camera

katze hasst es fotografiert zu werden


mommy nov2015

Propaganda Bluff

Feline Friends! Just because SHE has thumbs doesn’t justify her report of us innocent kitties being involved in some kind of Hostile Takeover. First of all, it’s not her, but our computer. Second – it’s not true that we occupy the keyboard all the time! 

I apologize for the poor quality, but I had to proof that a peaceful co-existence is possible. At least from the feline side: it’s HER who doesn’t want to share the keyboard.

how to work from home when you've cats

Hahahahahahahahaha. Talk about hard evidence! IN YOUR FACE, human! Eh … ok, almost always peaceful.


tessa nov2015
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Feline Embellishment

Mom was searching for something called “tape” because she wanted to wrap a present. I don’t understand why she’s upset – I really like this funny ribbon!

cat loves to play with tape

It’s strange though – Mom didn’t appreciate my help! Quite the contrary, she shooed me away and said that I have already done my share of embellishing.  Eh ??? Turned out that I’m her prime suspect in this lost-tape business?

My response in selfies (that’s apparently what the kittens nowadays do)

Really, it was Not-Me ! Besides: even IF I had a paw into that tape thing – doesn’t embellishment mean that something looks better??


tessa nov2015


Cat4-001A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting is part of The Cat On My Head’s blog hop Selfie Sunday.

I love you

Humans never stop surprising us: today is Love Your Pet Day. How weird that they need a special holiday for loving us?

cat is holding my hand

*** CAUTION! CHEESY CONTENT *** Mom agreed and said: “I don’t care what day is today, as long as I can spend it with you.”

I couldn’t agree more – now, give me some treats!


kajsa nov2015

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