Cat versus mouse

B as in Bedroom – a murder scene

3 weeks to go!! My cats Kajsa and Tessa are having their next health check on April 21st. If the ear mites are gone, I can take them home on April 22nd – in exactly three (long) weeks!

Huh huh. So many things to think about, so many feelings involved. It’d be great if I was thinking rationally, but my brain is catified and (temporarily?) out of order. I’m so much looking forward to getting my cats! Isn’t it wonderful living with your feline friends, day and night? Uah, slow down, human! Day and night? (more…)

Don’t give me a toy, I want your phone! Now.

Karin Parker from Pikku Punapippuri suggested that I could “try to engage them together in some sort of play – string and wand toys are excellent for that as they can share the fun as you wave it around for them (gently if they are nervous).”

A great idea! I bought a cat toy for the first time in my life, and Kajsa and Tessa seemed to like it.  We were all having fun until Kajsa discovered my phone. (more…)

Funny cat games, anyone?

I need a break from all those cat considerations. Feels like I’m doing a scientific research on What to think about before getting cats. Maybe that’s what my shrink meant by saying that I spend too much time and energy on things? Well, she can be happy that I spend time and a lot of money on my therapy.

Maybe I should focus on why I wasn’t into cats earlier. Many years ago, my friend Ashley and her boyfriend got a kitten, Jeanny. To be honest, I didn’t like Jeanny. She was as crazy as kittens can be. I was actually a bit afraid of her, because she hurt me with her claws and tried to bite me. I know, she just wanted to play and felt probably very lonely, but I wasn’t into cat psychology back then. (more…)

Why is everyone so crazy about cats?

I really didn’t get it for a very long time.

When I was a teenager, I had a pen pal named Ashley. Yes, those were the days before internet. We wrote letters. A lot of letters. After a while, my parents allowed me to visit her. Ashley lived about 200 km (120 miles) from my hometown. Really far away. Yes, those were the days where I neither had money nor a driver license.

Ashley had two cats, Mickey and Charley. Charley was a bit stupid (sorry) and crazy about Ashley’s father (probably two unrelated facts). Mickey was keener on Ashley. I had nothing against Mickey and Charley, but wasn’t interested either. Mickey used to sleep in Ashley’s room – well, to be more precise – pretended to do so. I remember waking up from a nightmare during my first night. I opened my eyes, was terrified and had difficulties to recognize where I was. What shall I say – it didn’t really help that something was staring at me. Something or somebody was just 2 steps ahead, watching me with green big eyes. No movements, no sounds. I had totally forgotten about the damn cats. I started screaming. Somehow very effective, I may say – the green eyes disappeared immediately! On the downside, Ashley started screaming, but that’s another story.

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