Cat versus mouse

How life with cats is really like: Priorities

Ok, replace the microwave with any other sound and change the positions, but that’s exactly the kind of blackmailing and sudden change of plans I’m dealing with.

Note: I couldn’t find a video showing only this scene. The video will (should) start at 14:03 and the scene lasts less than a minute – so no, you don’t have to watch 30 minutes to get this post.

foolish servant to cats

Cat’s Eye found its cat

Some of you may remember that it’s common to wear reflectors during the dark season in Finland (and why you should, too). I always fasten reflectors on each winter jacket and handbag in the beginning of the season. It’s normal to lose some reflectors before spring comes, but I was very surprised about the amount this year.

Well, until I suddenly caught some Cat’s Eye ….

cat bites strings of my jacket

Tessa: WHAT? I really love the new string toys you put on your jackets! And since they’re also called Cat’s Eye, it sure means that it’s a toy for us cats?

this darn cat is stealing my things


foolish servant to cats

The Feast

We were very impressed by the servants of Mr. Shy and Mr. Very Shy – just look at this epic all-you-can-eat buffet!

cat buffet for injurec cat

5 different sorts of kibble and wet food on a normal day – their humans have an ordinary 8 hours workday. Now that’s a decent service standard for feline rulers!

(Hehe, and of course all bowls were still untouched when our human got to their place, about 4 hours after their staff had left the house. These guys sure know how to keep their humans worried and on their toes!)


Colander Brain

Once upon a time our human forgot our favorite treats in her handbag. I regularly check her bag ever since – you never know, do you? I’m sure our human’s brain is a colander because she’s so forgetful and often confused.

cat controlls my handbag

Shoot – has she cleaned her ears or since when can she hear what I’m doing here?

cat climbs as fast as she can when I saw her

Stop complaining, human. The one who can’t do elegant pull-ups has no business telling me that I get way too many treats.


When the cat is away Blog

The Winner Takes It All

why do long-haired cats look so cute Talking of gifts: we didn’t get anything for Christmas!

Our human says that

a) we’ve not been good girls
b) we’re only cats – she doesn’t even give Christmas presents to humans.
c) that she didn’t get anything for Christmas either (see b)

“Only cats” , “not good girls” … How dare she? And her lies continue: she didn’t get any Christmas presents*, BUT she stole Granny’s gift!

Yesterday we showed that Granny got some expensive high-tech recorder / hard drive for her tv.  And guess who’s playing with it now? Right. Our human. She stole her own mother’s Christmas gift!

She says that she’s installing, updating and explaining the device for her mother. She thinks she’s unselfish, and that her mother is grateful for her help. Bah. We know that humans love pressing buttons and playing with anything that has a screen, so she can’t fool us. She’s a thief!


* Note to L.: she loved your homemade candy! We cats don’t consider it a gift though because we got treats, too, and that’s something we should get all day every day.


Hairball versus Clumsy Human

Uh-oh. I better keep a low profile today and look as cute as possible. My human is FURious about an ever so tiny furry incident.

cat keeps low profile

My human was surprised to find a hairball on the floor this morning: I always barf on rugs, sofas, beds or any other delicate material, but this hairball was next to a rug. Shouldn’t she just be happy? And even more important, shouldn’t other persons in this household stay out of this? No – of course Grandpa had to intervene.

Something strange happened tonight. When I went to the bathroom, I stepped into something juicy on a rug. Couldn’t really identify what it was, looked like poo, but smelled differently? I got it off my feet but couldn’t find it afterwards. I didn’t want to turn on the light because I was afraid to wake you up.

I couldn’t find anything when I got up this morning – was this just a dream?

Is it my fault that I have so much fur? Is it my fault that Grandpa is too stupid to walk around a hairball? Of course not! So why am I to blame ?!?


When the cat is away Blog

At The Zoo

Someone told me
It’s all happening at the zoo
I do believe it
I do believe it’s true

(Simon and Garfunkel)

Glass doors and cats

The worst thing at Granny’s place are all ( ~one~ editor’s note) the closed doors. Grandpa has his own Gentlemen Room. Our human says this is only fair after we kicked Grandpa out of the bedroom. Bah. She conveniently neglects that all rooms belong to cats by law.

You would think a glass door gave us at least some control over Mystery Room. Admittedly, the door saves our lives as we’re not dying of curiosity, but it also works against us. We often lurk in front of Grandpa’s room, ready to run for our lives as soon as the door opens. Humans are typically way too slow for agile and talented cats like us, but the glass door infringes any surprise attacks – Grandpa knows exactly where we are when he opens the door. Bah.


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