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Toilet Paper Art

Nope. I’m not ashamed, Mom, and yes, I’d do it again.

Even Kajsa appreciates my hard work – note the empty roll in the background!! – so why can’t you?


To our most loyal readers: yes, these are old pictures from our old place, but we had long blog breaks so we need to catch up! So yesterdays pictures were also dated, and we’ll show some more posts with older stuff under the upcoming weeks.

Tampon Cats

One night we were having so much fun that we forgot that we mustn’t play on the human bed at night. Mom turned on the lights and couldn’t believe her eyes: tampons everywhere!


How could she hide such a wonderful toy from us?? It’s been one of our most favorite toys ever since, and you should also try it out! According to Google, it’s a popular cat toy worldwide! So yes, we have male cat litter although we love to play with female human “litter accessories”.

It’s strange though, we get the impression that Mom wants to keep it a secret that she sometimes buys tampons?? She tries to collect all tampons before we get visitors, but she somehow always forgets one or two …


tessa und kajsa nov2015


It was a cold and dark November afternoon in Northern Europe when an Australian tourist checked in at Helsinki-Vantaa’s Airport. She hugged her host. They maybe shed a tear or two, but it was impossible to tell as the cold rain had soaked into all their clothes. K. asked her friend to cuddle her cheeky monkeys when she got home.

K. went through the security control, did some shopping, and arrived at the boarding gate in time. She checked her carry-on for a last time: passport, mobile phone, laptop, a small pillow, sleep mask, headphones, purse… yes, she was prepared for a long flight to the other end of the world. She got to her seat, closed her eyes and thought about Perth. Summer. Warmth. A barbie. Hubby. Many hours away, but she was coming closer. She decided to watch a movie, opened her laptop and got her headphones.

Wait. Those cheeky bastard monkeys.


Feline friends – this could have become a great book on revenge and feline superiority. We imagined K. would sit for many many hours on a plane and couldn’t listen to any music. Turned out they sell headphones on airplanes. Bah.


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Circle Training

We really love the groundplan of our new residence because you can walk in circles!


Mom’s shrink says that Mom should try to do more sports, and of course we want to support her as good as we can. That’s why we demand that Mom is doing her daily circle training: we want her to run with a string toy from the living room through the kitchen to the bedroom and through the hall to the living room to the kitchen to … It’s a wonderful family event! Mom runs, Tessa runs after her to catch the string toy, and Kajsa runs after Tessa to chase the toy from her.


Our second discipline includes a ball. Mom throws a ball from the living room though the kitchen to the bedroom, and we run a race to be first. We then want Mom to come and throw the ball through the hall to the living room. It’s a great variation to the string-toy-circle-training: Mom doesn’t have to run that much, but getting the ball is great exercise. Sometimes she just has to bend down, but she also needs to stretch and crawl because the ball gets somehow often under furniture.

Intruder K. claims to be a good friend of Moms, and you should think that she only wants the best for her. Can you believe that she thinks that Mom’s nuts because she’s running in circles through the apartment???


tessa und kajsa nov2015

Material Girlcat

Oh, life’s good, feline friends.

cat plays with feather waggler toy

experiences with feather waggler from zooplus

feather waggler toy zooplus is not sturdy

What? You don’t like this toy because it gets broken so easily? And because stupid Tessa swallowed a feather while you were watching her?

feather waggler toy gets broken easily

Stop whining and buy a new one. We don’t like super-ergonomic-high-qualitive toys. Period. I mean… why do you watch trash tv while eating trash food?

kajsa nov2015

Now the drugs do work

I’m not surprised that Äiti has difficulties to take sharp pictures – her drugs are too good! I mean, I was just casually walking through the kitchen when one of my innocent paws touched a Polliwog. Next thing I know, I was laying intoxicated on the floor.

cat stares at valerian toy

… going wild. Ok, at least by my standards. I could name some cats who think that this is normal behavior.

cat playing with Valerian scented toy

cat goes crazy about valerian toy

cat plays with Valerian scented toy

cat loves valerian toy

Now… what was I originally planning to do? I can’t remember, but it sure was something very important?


kajsa nov2015

Polliwog for Jolly Mogs

Feline friends! Last week was very exciting because we got a parcel with Christmas presents from our friends in Northern Finland. You may wonder why we’re celebrating Christmas in February, but things are more complicated than that: the Finnish Postal Service tried to stage a coup! (Remember, you read it here first.)

The growing royal-feline alliance between Finland North and South apparently upsets Posti: they forgot to notify us of our parcel in December, and returned it eventually to the sender. We again sent a parcel to Punapippuri in January, and it got lost! Mom wrote a lot of emails and Posti has now found it. They say that Punapippuri will get our parcel in the beginning of this week … well. We’ve heart that before, haven’t we? So we need to be more careful with our plans to establish a feline royal dynasty in Finland. Posti is already on it!!

It’s good that we got presents to distract ourselves from these heavy domestic politics. Mom’s very happy about a calendar with all the celebrities of Punapippuri’s blog. Ok, she said that the calendar is for all of us, but I was far more interested in Polliwogs.

Cat loves valerian toys

I just had to check that Kajsa was upstairs

valerian toys for cats

… and then things got a bit out of control. Mom thinks she can see a Polliwog on this picture, but she isn’t sure.

cat loves valerian root

Oh yes, my mighty paws will take good care of this wonderful present. Thank you!

polliwog punapippuri


tessa nov2015

When The Makeover’s Away…

Thank Cat Mom is normally not into photoshopping; I know at least one certain black Britcat who suffers from his human’s Photoshop addiction. However, I like my mighty paw on this picture – I’m a strong and dangerous Finnish girlcat, and everybody should be aware of my terror paw.

dangerous cats

So I encouraged Mom to participate for the first time in Caturday Art, but little did I know… I didn’t want her to show the original picture, revealing that I was just playing with a wand toy in my tunnel. Sigh.

cat is playing in a tunnel


tessa nov2015


A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting is part of Athena and Marie’s blog hop Caturday Art.

My new bed

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

So everything was covered with dust when we came back from Germany, because the construction workers had “forgotten” to cover the interior. Mom had to clean everything and was annoyed. Kajsa and I were, however, thrilled to discover all the things she had been hiding from us.

Just have a look at this marvelous “box” system!

cats in weird spots

I tested different positions and decided that this is my new bed.

cat does not take no as an answer

What?? You need this thing for yourself? Why? Oh, don’t worry about the hair ties and clasps! Really, they DO NOT bother me at all, I can share my box with them!

cats and hair ties

tessa nov2015

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