Cat proof my house

Furious Freaky Friday – Mamma is angry

smeg fridge and catsOh oh. I’ll better stay on the fridge today, because Mamma is very angry.

This is not fair – we were only playing with granny’s wonderful scratching surface. I mean, what other purpose could paper on walls possibly have? Turned out that humans call this wallpaper, but we still don’t know why Mamma is furious. After all, it’s not hers either, and grandpa’s having a blast. ­

Mamma: I know, I warned you. I didn’t like that you got this expensive wallpaper only a week before we arrived. But still. Why couldn’t they destroy the cheap wallpaper??
Grandpa: My dear child, we’re talking about cats! Cats are divine and very picky. They’d never go for the cheap stuff.
Mamma (laughing): Well, at least they haven’t destroyed your new expensive sofa.
Grandpa: Yet. They still have time.

Dear feline friends – don’t you agree that Mamma’s just hysterical? We were only doing what we were supposed to do! Now …. what’s that sofa talk about?? We didn’t know it was expensive…

It was the guy next to me

cat fells painting


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The forbidden closet

Why this place is awful, part I

Bah. That’s me in front of a huge closet. I’d love to spend a lot of time there, because it’s a great place to hide, wreck and scare granny. Oh, and to fur up, of course.

katze darf nicht in den kleiderschrank

Unbelievable, but the humans don’t want us to be in the closet. It has something to do with (more…)

The windowsill

Why this place is better than ours, Part II

cat on window board

The windowsills are excellent – they’re much bigger than ours ! Please note: I’m only talking about the sill. We can’t see the street, and that’s really annoying. Why did Mamma take us to an attic apartment??? We’d also love to take a trip on the roof, but we can’t get out – stupid Mamma has done some “cat-proofing”. This is not fair.

So please leave me alone now, I’m sulking.

cat enjoys window board

Not-Me. Cats are always innocent

I hate headphones, because  they get always broken. I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on headphones over the years. I bought new ones earlier this week, and it was a big mistake to forget them on the kitchen table. That’s at least where I saw them when I went to bed – I don’t know why, but the headphones were on the floor this morning?

cat eats cords

Kajsa: Seriously? Detective Mamma is blaming us?? Bah! First of all, it wasn’t us, but the infamous Not-Me. Second, Mamma is the one who breaks the expensive stuff. She bought a new phone the other day and that’s how it looked like after 3 days. Why does she even bother about the headphones? She needs the headphones for her phone, and I guess it won’t last long until she doesn’t own one anymore.

broken lumia


Granny removed almost all small figures from the shelf before we arrived at our holiday home. I really don’t understand why she did that – they wouldn’t have bothered us at all!

Now… don’t you agree that there’s plenty of space for a statue of myself? I’m already posing, but I couldn’t convince granny. This place is really awful. We want to go home!

cat statuesque______________________________

BP_Wordless_wed_Hop_Logo_2014 A blog hop is a specific topic bloggers write about on a certain day. The blog hop (hopping from one blog to another) collects all links, and makes it easy to see how others have interpreted this topic. This posting was part of BlogPaws’ blog hop Wordless Wednesday.

The bird in our kitchen

I’m always prepared for surprises when I wake up and go downstairs. 8 hours are plenty of time to trash the first floor. I wasn’t ready for a bird though and couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, my ears, because I couldn’t see the bird. I was confused that Kajsa and Tessa didn’t seem to care about the noises, but they’ve been probably trying to catch the bird for many hours.

I was clever enough to lock my cats out of the kitchen before I started searching. I’m used to birds inside: about 2-3 blue tits get every year lost in the attic, but I’ve never seen one downstairs. I know that some blue tits are living under the roof in winter, but I’ve never found the hole to the attic.  (more…)

My spoiled cats get a room of their own!

Thank you for all your opinions on my second floor! I admit that I didn’t like them, because I wanted to give Kajsa and Tessa access to potential playgrounds. So I did something very unusual; I tried to solve a problem by asking others for favors.  I talked with my landlord, and I’m so stunned: I will install a cat flap into the door between the staircase and the first cold room! I’m so happy that I asked. The doors are from 1890, and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t like the idea of cat flaps, but he said that this particular door isn’t a problem.

I decided to keep the study for myself, meaning cat-free. The second cold room will be a storage for all the stuff we don’t need and should probably throw away. So my spoiled cats will have their very own room of 35 m2 / 380 ft2!

A lot of work needs to be done: (more…)

How shall I introduce my cats to my house?


Mamma wrote this post yesterday. Haha, she freaked out in the meantime, because Kajsa had diarrhea. Mamma is too tired to write a poop post now, but she promised to write a summary tomorrow. Urg, she mentioned some vet appointment tomorrow as well??? Check the liveticker on her Facebook page if you want to join the fun (DON’T calm her down, Kajsa and I are enjoying her nursing behavior!!) / Tessa

Dear servants to cats,

I need your help! No, for once I haven’t freaked out, and I’m pretty sure my cats will survive tonight. I need some opinions on my house.

I live in a very strange house from 1890. It’s a semi-detached house, but the house is divided in a very odd way.  (more…)

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