Cat proof my house

My new bed

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

So everything was covered with dust when we came back from Germany, because the construction workers had “forgotten” to cover the interior. Mom had to clean everything and was annoyed. Kajsa and I were, however, thrilled to discover all the things she had been hiding from us.

Just have a look at this marvelous “box” system!

cats in weird spots

I tested different positions and decided that this is my new bed.

cat does not take no as an answer

What?? You need this thing for yourself? Why? Oh, don’t worry about the hair ties and clasps! Really, they DO NOT bother me at all, I can share my box with them!

cats and hair ties

tessa nov2015

Self Service Restaurant

Postponed Posts show older stories and pictures. So yes, the construction work is finally done, but we had such a long blog break that we need to catch up.

Ok, we really hated the construction work, but loved the chaos it caused. We had tons of great hiding spots, and played with things Mom normally hides, such as headphones and earrings.

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I really appreciated that I had better access to the most important shelf. Humans are sometimes so careless, and our Mom is no exception. So I decided that she needed some help, and threw down our bowls whenever I was hungry.

cat tries to steale food

You’re wondering why I went for the plates instead for our food? Sigh. Believe me, I tried. I really tried.

how tall is your cat

tessa nov2015

The Return of the Queens

Feline friends, I hope you’ll never have to deal with this most annoying human hobby: major construction work as humans will make a LOT of noise and deny cats fundamental rights. We weren’t allowed to go upstairs, and were stuck with Mom in one room for over a month!

Humans have also a funny way of prioritizing. The noise eventually stopped, and the second floor was ours again – but it took another 6 weeks until we got windows! What did they think? Can we cats live without windows? I took a picture to document our torment.

Construction work with Cats

We’ve to admit that we’ve much more space after the construction work. Mom is very happy that all rooms are warm now. We’ve never lived here in winter, but this house was apparently impossible to heat. And the Finnish winter can be very long and cold, even in Southern Finland. Eek. So it was probably good that everything got fixed, but we’re so happy that it’s over now!

There’s just one thing left – how can we make our landlord build a sky lounge?

kajsa nov2015
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The Door of Mercy

cats and closed doors

We were thrilled when we read the latest number of The Tower Times. We so agree with Kitty Cat Chronicles and NUCAT (National Unit of Cats):

….doors should become extinct. No more doors!!! We should be able to enter any room or closet we desire at any time.

cats have different personalitiesYou know, there was this one room in granny’s flat – its door was always closed. I don’t know how many hours we’ve been sitting in front of this door, waiting, begging for mercy. And then, on our last evening, the magic happened.

Grandpa: I’ve a special plan for tonight. I’ll open the door for those poor cats.  It’s their last evening here,  and I think they’ve deserved a very special treat.

Isn’t he wonderful? Mamma laughed and said he’s childish, but we think he’s the best grandpa ever! And yes, it was also him who defended us when we destroyed this expensive wallpaper! So why again can’t he live with us in Finland?

You can tell from Tessa’s tail how exited she was when she entered the room. Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I’m also curious, but I’m keeping my strategy: Curiosity killed the long-haired cat. So let’s see what happens to Tessa first…

Catstruction means destruction

cat steals treats The construction work has its perks even though the noise is really annoying.

The whole upper floor is out of use, and Mamma’s short of space for all her stuff. She thought it’d be a good idea to put our transportation boxes above each other. I totally agree, because I could easily take our treats (4th shelf on the right side).

cat tries to steal treats However, I was stupid enough to do this whilst Mamma was home. Now I can only reach to her stinky coffee shelf (or that’s at least what she thinks).

Mamma is really cheap – I call it taking, she calls it stealing. I’ve never seen her eating our treats, so why on earth am I stealing something she doesn’t even use? And wasn’t she only the other day complaining that she’s got too much stuff? Why can’t she see that I was just trying to help her?

Besides, wasn’t she supposed to sleep at night? How can she wake up by some tiny cans falling down??

cats and construction workShe really has this strange habit of sleeping at night whilst we prefer to have a closer look at all those piles.

Oops. What happened now? I mean, we were just climbing a bit? And why is Mamma awake again?

Furious Freaky Friday – Mamma is angry

smeg fridge and catsOh oh. I’ll better stay on the fridge today, because Mamma is very angry.

This is not fair – we were only playing with granny’s wonderful scratching surface. I mean, what other purpose could paper on walls possibly have? Turned out that humans call this wallpaper, but we still don’t know why Mamma is furious. After all, it’s not hers either, and grandpa’s having a blast. ­

Mamma: I know, I warned you. I didn’t like that you got this expensive wallpaper only a week before we arrived. But still. Why couldn’t they destroy the cheap wallpaper??
Grandpa: My dear child, we’re talking about cats! Cats are divine and very picky. They’d never go for the cheap stuff.
Mamma (laughing): Well, at least they haven’t destroyed your new expensive sofa.
Grandpa: Yet. They still have time.

Dear feline friends – don’t you agree that Mamma’s just hysterical? We were only doing what we were supposed to do! Now …. what’s that sofa talk about?? We didn’t know it was expensive…

It was the guy next to me

cat fells painting


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The forbidden closet

Why this place is awful, part I

Bah. That’s me in front of a huge closet. I’d love to spend a lot of time there, because it’s a great place to hide, wreck and scare granny. Oh, and to fur up, of course.

katze darf nicht in den kleiderschrank

Unbelievable, but the humans don’t want us to be in the closet. It has something to do with (more…)

The windowsill

Why this place is better than ours, Part II

cat on window board

The windowsills are excellent – they’re much bigger than ours ! Please note: I’m only talking about the sill. We can’t see the street, and that’s really annoying. Why did Mamma take us to an attic apartment??? We’d also love to take a trip on the roof, but we can’t get out – stupid Mamma has done some “cat-proofing”. This is not fair.

So please leave me alone now, I’m sulking.

cat enjoys window board

Not-Me. Cats are always innocent

I hate headphones, because  they get always broken. I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on headphones over the years. I bought new ones earlier this week, and it was a big mistake to forget them on the kitchen table. That’s at least where I saw them when I went to bed – I don’t know why, but the headphones were on the floor this morning?

cat eats cords

Kajsa: Seriously? Detective Mamma is blaming us?? Bah! First of all, it wasn’t us, but the infamous Not-Me. Second, Mamma is the one who breaks the expensive stuff. She bought a new phone the other day and that’s how it looked like after 3 days. Why does she even bother about the headphones? She needs the headphones for her phone, and I guess it won’t last long until she doesn’t own one anymore.

broken lumia

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