Cat proof my house

Self Made Cat Ladder

Huhu. The year is going to its end and we totally forgot to show you all the peaks of our “new” place!

Mom’s very proud of her carpenter skills, so we allowed her to boast about some of her works. First off is the former pink hell. She bought on Ebay a massive pink ladder for 5€ (5$) . It was probably that cheap because pink is not a very popular color when it comes to ladders, hehe.


She removed every second step. She then joined two steps to an angle to give us something to sit on.



She got finally use of stuff she had bought about a year ago: a rope ladder with wooden round steps and a long blue rope. Mom twisted the blue rope around the wooden slippery steps to give us a better grip, and nailed the rope ladder to the pink-hell ladder.


White paint beat the pink hell and some extra rope eases our climbing work. She also secured the ladder with some screws to the cupboard.


You may wonder why we need the pink hell white ladder as we already have a climbing tree next to the cupboard. Well, Kajsa is the boss at our place, and Tessa isn’t always allowed to climb over Kajsa to get on top of the cupboard. Now we have two accesses to the top of the climbing tree and cupboard. In fact, Mom always tries to give Tessa an emergency exit because she’s afraid that Tessa gets stuck somewhere.


Oh yes, Mom’s very proud of herself, and we’ve to admit that she did a good job. It’s fun climbing on the ladder and Tessa is often using the other exit. Mom’s also happy that the ladder melts into the interior. Good for her – we don’t care so much whether the ladder is pink or white.


Well, there’s one thing Mom doesn’t like about the ladder – it gives us access to the shelving, hehe. It’s so much fun to tilt books!


The royal balcony

Being on a budget means prioritizing. I decided that a balcony is more important than space. Finnish balconies are often glazed, and built “inside” the outer wall – meaning not sticking out of the house. My bedroom is shorter than the other rooms, because the balcony substitutes this part of the bedroom. These kind of balconies are warmer than traditional “outside-the-wall” balconies.



I built removable window screens instead of installing a permanent balcony net. As the balcony has windows, I have to remove the net to open and close them.

With screens in summer


And as a “winter garden” with windows in autumn. Because I don’t heat the bedroom, I don’t mind opening the balcony door at day time. I close the door when I go to bed, so the cats have about 15 hours access to the balcony in late autumn!


I bought a cheap cat tree on Ebay, and both girls were really excited because of the smell. From a hygienic point of view, it’s probably stupid to buy second-hand trees, but I decided to take the risk.


I bolt the cat tree on a small table to enlarge the tree – large cat trees are more expensive than a small table and screws.


Yes!!! For the very first time they used something I built right away!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.


The ironing board doesn’t look very stable, but has now been there for 3 months – a cheap and easy solution for a window sill.



I really hope this posting makes sense, it took me ages to write it.

mommy nov2015

Who guards the guardians?

I swear it wasn’t me. I’m just making sure that nobody gets hurt because Granny is sometimes very clumsy.

katze wirft dauernd papierkorb um

I mean, I was just being nice – exactly what Mom wants us to be at our holiday home. Now, this is very difficult to bear, but Mom didn’t believe in my innocent intentions? She clearly confused offender and guard!!


tessa nov2015

Greetings from the basket

So here I am, in my wonderful basket. And yes, it’s the very same basket I rejected. You wonder what happened?

cat in her basket

Mom put the basket for a second on a table because she was rearranging things. And there I was, ready to take over, to fill this basket with my gorgeous body.

cat chooses her sleeping spot carefully

So yes, I’m very satisfied with myself and my life right now.

cat is very satisfied with herself

Mom says that she’ll sometimes need the desk for herself … but I know it’d break her heart to remove the basket now when I finally use it.


tessa nov2015

A furry basketball match

This is me at one of my favorite spots at Granny’s place.

katzen wollen kleine plastikkörbe

Of course this silly human of mine started squeaking, and I admit that I loved the attention. So yes, I was very satisfied with myself in this wonderful basket: Mom and Granny admired me, and I could even sunbathe for some time in the morning.

katzen liebe kleine körbe

However, this doesn’t mean that Mom can just copy this spot at our place. She got me a similar basket, and placed it on a “sunny” (we live in Finland…) shelf.

cats are very picky

Can you believe that she even tried to get me interested with a treat?? She’s hopeless – of course I won’t use this basket! It’s important to keep humans on their toes, because it’s dangerous when they become too confident.

tessa nov2015

And You’ll Never Walk Alone

One of the things I haven’t thought about when I cat-proofed my home was enough space in my cupboards. I have to put more things away now – bread, fruit, or let’s face it: anything I don’t want my cats to eat / play with / destroy.

I finally got myself to do one of the most boring things I know: to rearrange my cupboards.

hiding food from cats

You can always count on Tessa’s help when something needs to get fixed. She was sleeping upstairs, but it took her only 2 minutes until she joined me.

naughty cats

All activities are more fun with cats. Especially if you want to find new safe places for stuff you want to keep paw-free.

cat sniff at everything

mommy nov2015

In loving memory of Granny’s Christmas ornament

So today is the day we finally get to blog about Christmas!

It was yet far more difficult to wait for our Christmas toys – we were so envious of you American cats, because you’ve been blogging about trees and Christmas decoration for a long time! We were first afraid that our family doesn’t decorate AT ALL. Mom said that most people start decorating on the first Sunday of Advent. However, most Germans don’t decorate their Christmas trees until the 23rd or 24th of December!

So YES, on the evening of the 23rd a box full of Christmas decoration showed up!

cat is decorating for christmas

Of course Tessa had to inspect everything.

cat in christmas box

We were at first a bit disappointed, because Granny didn’t get a tree this year, but we really liked her Christmas ornaments. We shared her enthusiasm for a very beautiful and thin glass ornament, but Not-Me destroyed it some nights later!!! Can you believe that Mom was upset and blamed us?!? Granny said that this wasn’t our fault, but Mom was still angry. We mean … isn’t Granny always right?

tessa und kajsa nov2015

Help – Cats and Candles?

We live in a 120-year-old wooden house, and I was too afraid to light candles after I got my cats. However, I was freezing so much during the power outage that I was desperate for any source of heat. The obvious precaution, a big bucket with water, didn’t really solve my main concern: I was afraid that Tessa could come too close to a candle with her very fluffy tail. If her tail caught fire, she’d probably run upstairs and hide under my bed.

Our kitchen is at the same time our living room, and the place where we spent most time. I know for sure that there aren’t any hiding spots I can’t access. Believe me, I know all spots after our medication nightmare month.

That’s why I decided to

  1. Only light candles in the kitchen
  2. Close the kitchen door
  3. Have a lot of water available.
  4. Don’t forget the litter trays: I actually have a lot of sand as well!

So how did Kajsa and Tessa react? Both were of course curious.

what do cats do with candles

… and very careful. Have a look at Kajsa’s paws, she didn’t move any closer to the candle!

cat is very careful with candles

She was also investigating the other candles.

cats and candles

… but decided that it’s better to keep some distance.

how cats react to candles

I’d really appreciate to hear your experiences here: do you light candles when your cats are in the same room? Do you have any special precautions? Do you think my solution is too risky?

I think it’s highly unlikely that they will tilt candles or that their fur will catch fire. However, if this happens, I’m prepared with water and sand. Oh, and of course I won’t leave the room at all.

mommy nov2015

You Shall Have No Other Cats Before Us

cat is a jerk because of jealousy

(… and definitely not abandon us for a week! Mom’s finally back, but we’re ignoring her.)

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